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WoW Cata Classic Baradin Hold Raid Guide: Entrance, Tactics, and Rewards

WoW Cata Classic Baradin Hold Raid Guide

Baradin Hold is one of the few available raids during the first phase of WoW Cataclysm Classic. It’s also one of the few dungeons locked behind PvP content instead of being level-locked. Players need to control a specific region before attempting to enter the Hold. This guide will help players learn how to unlock and beat the Baradin Hold raid.

WoW Cata Classic Baradin Hold Overview

Baradin Hold is a raid instance that can be accessed via the Tol Barad zone. Unlike other dungeons, you can only enter the Kirin Tor prison if your faction controls the region. Battleground events will occur every two hours and 30 minutes in Tol Barad, after that whichever faction wins gets control of the area.

You can find Baradin Hold at the heart of Tol Barad, but it’s recommended that you reach level 84 before attempting this raid. You can fight three bosses in three wings, each featuring different difficulties. However, they won’t be available during the initial launch of Cataclysm. Here is the timetable for when each boss will be released:

  • Argaloth: June 4, 2024
  • Occu’thar: October 2024
  • Alizabal: January 2025

Once they all get released, you can challenge them as a 10-man or 25-man party. But keep in mind: The bigger the party size, the bigger the health pool that bosses will have, making the fight much more challenging. You can also challenge the whole raid in either Normal or Heroic mode. 

WoW Baradin Hold Entrance

You can access the Tol Barad Peninsula using portals in each faction's capital. However, an easier way to access the region through fast travel is purchasing the Baradin’s Wardens Tabard or the Hellscream’s Reach Tabard.

The entrance to Baradin Hold can be found on the island in the region, the PvP area for Tol Barad. If your faction controls Tol Barad, you can enter the raid via the trapdoor at the center of the aisle. Specifically, you can find it on 46 or 48. If you still can’t find the entrance, keep looking along the western banks of the swamp area on Tol Barad island. Once inside, you can choose which boss to fight in the current run.

WoW Cata Classic Baradin Hold Tactics

There are three encounters within Baradin Hold, and each boss will feature different attacks. Depending on the number of people in the raid, there will also be varying HP pools, which can increase. Fortunately, you won’t have to fight them all in one run, so you can focus on one boss at a time. Here are all the strategies for fighting the bosses in Baradin Hold:

Argaloth Tactics

Argaloth uses three different skills alongside his basic swipes. The most notable being Consuming Darkness, which also happens to be his most dangerous ability. Your party must rely on your healers to deal with his kit fully. Here is every ability Argaloth has:

  • Meteor Slash: Executes a cleave attack to spread damage between all affected targets.
  • Fel Firestorm: Calls forth raining fire projectiles on targeted areas that leave DoT puddles.
  • Consuming Darkness: Inflicts DoT damage on targeted players for 15 seconds.
  • Enrage: It's not a skill, but Argaloth will enrage after five minutes, increasing his damage, haste, and attack speed.

How to Deal with Each Skill

  • Meteor Slash: You must divide the raid group into two so that Meteor Slash won’t affect everyone each cast. The idea is that each group will take turns tanking this skill to mitigate the damage built up from it. In addition, those hit by the debuff will take increased fire damage. Alternately, having two teams tank ensures you won’t get stacking damage from the debuff.
  • Fel Firestorm: Argaloth will activate this skill twice during his 66% and 33% HP mark. When this occurs,Argaloth will summon Fel Flames around the room, which you must try and avoid. You must wait out the attack and resume your DPS once he swaps back to Meteor Slash.
  • Consuming Darkness: The only way to deal with this is to have your healers or anyone with a cleanse remove it immediately from the affected player. This skill can kill players within seconds, so be quick to act quick.


  • Meteor Slash becomes more vital the more teammates you lose. The damage dealt by the attack has fewer people to spread to, which increases the damage you take. It’s essential to keep everyone alive to mitigate the destructiveness of this ability.

WoW Cata Classic Baradin Hold Loot Table

Each boss drops different types of loot at various item levels. We don’t know if we’re getting the same loot as the original Cataclysm or new sets since two of the bosses aren’t out yet. Here is every loot available from Baradin Hold:


  • Vicious Gladiator Sets
  • Firelord’s Set
  • Mercurial Set
  • Shadowflame Set
  • Stomrider’s Set
  • Wind Dancer’s Set
  • Raging Elements Set
  • Earthen Set
  • Magma Plated Set
  • Reinforced Sapphirium Set

Note: This guide will be updated once new bosses come out.

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