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Best WoW WotLK Classic Professions for Gold

WoW WotLK Classic Professions

Whether buying cosmetics or pre-raid gear, World of Warcraft’s gold currency offers many functions within Azeroth. As the primary circulation in the game, many players are looking to find ways to farm gold. It is understandable for heroes to save money since there are so many things to spend on in the game. Learning the best ways to earn gold is something that every gamer should learn.

Why Do You Need Gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

While some players might think they can only progress in the game by raiding, gamers cannot deny that gold offers to ease their progression in certain aspects. Several things this currency can buy improve the raiding experience and other fields. Here is everything you can spend your gold on:

  • Pre-Raid Gear
  • Consumables
  • Leveling Materials
  • Crafting Materials
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Transmogs

Before heroes can start raiding, they must ensure they are well-equipped. It would be wise to enter The Eye of Eternity with the proper pre-raid gear. In addition, players should take consumables to buff their stats. These bonuses can be beneficial, especially in high-level dungeons. 

Gold is also used in improving other fields, such as trade skills. You can use the money to buy a bunch of leveling materials and gear if you are interested in Cooking or Herbalism. Aside from equipment, players would want to gather many crafting materials. There are many things to create in Azeroth, from gear to furniture.

Most players would spend their gold on cosmetics, pets, and mounts. Transmogs are purely for aesthetic purposes and improve the immersion of people. Pets and mounts have practical uses in the game. Mounts can decrease the travel time between places, which is ideal for miners, herbalists, and other gathering professionals. Battle pets can assist gamers in their exploration of Azeroth’s open world.

How to Earn Gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

There are mainly two ways to earn money in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Heroes can gain gold by doing raids or by investing in professions. In raids, you must compel the dungeons to gain the drops at the end of the run. However, players must be highly skilled and efficient to ensure they get gold every time they do raids. 

The alternative to the PvE content is to do professions. While they can be tedious, they are the most efficient and consistent way of gathering gold. Some trade skills gain wealth by selling materials they collect from the field. Others obtain profit from selling items that they craft. It is ideal for every player to invest in at least one profession.

What are the Best Professions for Gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

Every profession in WoW is profitable to a certain degree. However, some of them yield more gold if you actively do them. Here are some of the best professions to get rich in Azeroth:

  • Herbalism – For WotLK classic, Herbalism is considered the best gold-earning profession. This tradeskill gathers materials in many crafting fields, such as Cooking and Alchemy. Many potions and consumables need a base resource obtained from Herbalism, so this profession supplies many in-demand items.
  • Mining – While it may not be as lucrative as Herbalism, Mining is more consistent in gathering. Unlike other professions, this tradeskill can easily find harvestable nodes since ores are everywhere. These materials supply much-needed materials for creating end-game gear. Mining also provides the resources required for other crafting field, such as Jewelry Crafting, Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Leathercrafting. Aside from all these, this profession is much more relaxing and easier to travel.
  • Skinning – Skinning is another efficient way of gathering since you gain two for the price of one. This profession requires you to slay certain monsters and carve them for their carcass. Before using your skinning knife, you must get the drops first. Being able to loot the body on top of skinning increases your rewards.
  • Every Crafting Profession – Every crafting field is profitable due to every high-end product being in-demand. The only catch with these trade skills is that they are more tedious since you need to acquire materials and craft simultaneously. While you can buy the materials in the Auction House, it is much cheaper to harvest the resources yourself.


  • Fishing is still profitable, but other professions need to generate the gold as fast as others. However, this is the only life skill you can do, while AFK makes it an ideal field for those who aren’t looking to play actively.
  • Having high-quality mounts will be a massive help in gathering. Field professions will force players to spend a lot of time traveling, so having these companions will enhance your travel speed.

Don’t Be Cheap and Lazy

If you want to amass wealth, you have to be ready to invest time and money in these professions. Gathering skills require players to be actively roaming around and traveling. Crafting will sometimes force you to buy the needed materials rather than harvest them. Gamers should be ready to work if they want to get rich.

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