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Best WoW WotLK Classic Professions and Bonuses

WotLK Professions

Professions in WoW are extra activities where you can create your own equipment or consumables. Wrath of the Lich King adds another to the roster, namely Inscription. It lets players make permanent enchantments for various equipment.

With a choice of 16 professions, it can be challenging to choose, so we’ll list the best ones to choose for the expansion.

The Best Professions in WotLK

Engineering is a popular choice as you can make gadgets useful in many situations. Pairing it with Blacksmithing (or Mining) is an excellent way to procure materials. You can save up gold and a few trips to the Auction House. It’s recommended for everyone, whether you prefer PvE or PvP.

Jewelcrafting is another excellent choice. The resulting products from this profession can enhance your abilities with various boosts. It can be a little pricey due to your needed resources. However, taking up Mining as your secondary can mitigate that.

Blacksmithing is also recommended, especially for heavy armor physical DPS characters. They can make their own equipment instead of relying on drops. Rogues wear medium armor but can still make knives and other weapons for themselves.

All three have the potential to be money-makers for you, too. That makes them the best options to take as professions.

Here are some other options, but not the best ones:

  • Tailoring
  • Inscription
  • Enchanting
  • Leatherworking
  • Alchemy
  • Mining
  • Skinning

Herbalism is not included as it doesn’t confer many bonuses and is only tangential to Cooking and Alchemy. On that note, Cooking, Fishing, First Aid, and Lockpicking are secondary professions and can be learned without limits. You’re limited to taking up two primary ones: those listed above and Herbalism. If you want to switch to another, you’ll have to unlearn one to make space.

WoW WotLK Profession Bonuses

These bonuses are unique to characters with the respective profession and cannot be transferred to others. Of course, if you switch to another, you’ll lose these bonuses (other than those that confer permanent effects).


Alchemy has Mixology, which increases the bonuses you get from flasks and elixirs and lengthens their duration. For example, Flask of Stoneblood usually only gives 1,300 extra HP. With the passive bonus, it will provide 1,950 HP instead. Other effects on flasks are:

  • Endless Rage: additional 82 Attack Power
  • Pure Mojo: extra 20 mana per second
  • Frost Wyrm: bonus 47 Spell Power

Alchemists also have the exclusive Flask of the North. It is unaffected by Mixology but is reusable and gives some of the passive skill bonuses. That way, you don’t have to use a regular flask.

They have access to Alchemist’s Stones, which vary in boosts depending on their type. There are three:

  • Indestructible (increases Dodge)
  • Mercurial (boosts Haste and Spell Power)
  • Mighty (buffs Critical Strike and Attack Power)

All three also increase the healing effects directed to your character (as opposed to the healing effects you send out to allies).


Blacksmiths can add sockets to their bracers and gloves with Socket Bracer and Socket Glove. In addition to that, socketing two epic gems give one random bonus from this list:

  • +40 Str, Int, or Agi
  • +80 Attack Power
  • +46 Spell Power
  • +60 Stamina
  • +40 for any secondary stat (Crit, Hit, etc.)


Enchanters can enchant their own rings. The rings become soulbound afterward, rendering them applicable only to their creator. There are three buffs they can make:

  • Assault (+80 Attack Power)
  • Greater Spell Power (+46 Spell Power)
  • Stamina (+60 Stamina)


As mentioned, Engineers can make various trinkets and gadgets that give them an edge in combat. They also have unique enhancements they can make, similar to those above for Enchanters. These don’t stack with what the other profession can make, though.

  • Mind Amplification Dish: +45 Stamina and the ability to mind-control enemies (the latter has a 10-minute cooldown).
  • Nitro Boosts: +24 Crit Strike rating. Allows you to use a run speed boost ability for 5 seconds (has a 3-minute cooldown).
  • Springy Arachnoweave: +27 Spell Power. Grants a slow fall active skill lasting for 30 seconds (1 min CD)
  • Flexweave Underlay: +23 Agility. Has the same slow fall ability as the above.
  • Reticulated Armor Webbing: +885 Armor
  • Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket: deals 1654-2020 damage to a faraway target (45-second cooldown)
  • Hyperspeed Accelerators: Increase haste by 340 for 12 seconds (regenerates in 1 min)
  • Frag Belt: This lets you throw a Cobalt Frag Bomb that causes 750-1000 fire damage. It also incapacitates enemies caught in the blast for 3 seconds (3-yard radius range, 6-minute cooldown)
  • Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator: Stun a robot and similar mechanical enemies for 3 seconds.

Besides those, Engineers have access to exclusive various crafted equipment. There’s also a Portable Mailbox and a teleportation device to help you get around. Granted, the latter can only set destinations on Northrend, but it makes getting there easier than ever.


This profession has a lackluster bonus, a skill that lets you regenerate 3600 (with a max HP bonus) over 5 seconds. It can be helpful for solo players, especially Rogues, as they don’t have many options for healing. It can be excellent in a pinch, but there are better professions.


Much like Enchanters, Scribes can modify their shoulder equipment. Doing so will bind the item to you, making you the sole recipient of these benefits (all names are preceded by “Master’s Inscription of the”):

  • Axe: +80 Attack Power
  • Crag: +46 Spell Power
  • Pinnacle: +40 Dodge Rating
  • Storm: +46 Spell Power


They can make Dragon’s Eye jewels, which have various boosts. You can slot 3 of them in equipment (3 of the same gem is possible) for extra buffs. There are three colors: red, yellow, and blue, indicating which stats they’ll raise. Red is more combat-oriented. Yellow boosts defensive and secondary stats. Blue is for magic and mana.


Leatherworkers can enchant their bracers as Scribes and Enchanters do. These are conditional buffs, requiring a specific Leatherworking level to stay active. The boosts include Attack and Spell Power, Stamina, and various elemental resistances. Remember to keep the profession’s levels high, or you’ll lose the increase.


After all the ore mining, they get an extra 60 points for their Stamina. That’s it. However, players take it up more for its potential lucrativeness than this WotLK profession bonus.


It also has a simple boost, a +40 to Critical Strike rating. This can be an awesome hands-free (and relatively low-cost) buff for some classes. Still, there could be better options.


They have access to an exclusive mount, the Magnificent Flying Carpet. Other than that, they can embroider their cloaks to have effects similar to the enchantments of Scribes and Leatherworkers.

Some Profession Pairs

While Engineering, Jewelcrafting, and Blacksmithing are the best professions in the expansion, they can eat up your gold if you’re not careful. That’s why players usually pair a gathering profession (Mining, Skinning, Herbalism) with a primary one, so they can procure the materials for their crafts themselves.

Mining - pairs well with Engineering, Blacksmithing, and Jewelcrafting

Skinning - Leatherworking

Herbalism - Alchemy, Tailoring, Inscription, (Cooking)

Enchanters get their materials from disenchanting equipment, which frees them from needing a gathering profession. However, as of the current state of Classic, no other profession can stand alone.

The Most Lucrative Professions

For those looking to make money, here are the best ones you can take up to fill your coffers:

  • Skinning
  • Mining
  • Herbalism
  • Alchemy
  • Leatherworking

Enchanting, Engineering, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing round up the list. The gathering professions are on top because many players find it easier to buy materials in bulk to get many levels in one go. Harvesting or collecting the materials is tiring, so they’d prefer to spend instead.

Have Fun With WoW WotLK Professions!

These production abilities can be a valuable aid to your journey. Depending on your choice, you’ll never want equipment or consumables because you can make your own. Some others make excellent equipment even better! However, picking which ones to practice can be challenging since you can only take up two simultaneously.

Hope this helps you make that choice and enjoy World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic even more. Enjoy your journey across Azeroth!

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WoW Classic WOTLK Professions