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How to Get Cold Weather Flying

Cold Weather Flying

To obtain Cold Weather Flying in Wrath of the Lich King Classic you need to meet a few requirements. While these requisites are not hard to meet as in other versions of the game, you still have to fulfill some requirements and acquire a large amount of gold - and it can be a bit confusing for new players. In this article, we will list everything you need to do and how much gold you must have to be able to fly in the skies of Northrend. This is the definitive how-to-get Cold Weather Flying Guide for WotLK Classic.

How to Get Cold Weather Flying in WotLK Classic?

First and foremost, you need to reach level 77 with your main character. Out of all the requirements, this is the one that you will meet eventually by just playing. After reaching level 77, you must purchase any flying mount or flight form if you are a druid. The next step would be unlocking expert riding and purchasing the Cold Weather Flying ability.

So, as you can tell, unlocking the Cold Weather Flying ability is relatively simple but, indeed not easy considering the gold-cost overhead.

How Much Gold Does Cold Weather Flying Cost?

Here is a short list of everything and some calculations on how much gold it is going to cost you.

  • Reach level 77
  • Buying any flying mount or druid flight form – 50 gold
  • Unlocking expert riding – 250 gold
  • Purchase Cold Weather Flying – 1000 gold

A total of 1300 gold is required for Cold Weather Flying. If you do not know how to get your hands on some gold, we recommend you read our gold-making guide. You can use some farm spots to get this amount on your main quickly, which we go over in our guide.

After you reach level 80 on your main character and unlock the Cold Weather Flying ability, your alts will have a much easier time getting the ability to fly in Northrend. The Tome of Cold Weather Flight can be purchased for 1000 gold from Hira Snowdawn which is located near the flight path in Dalaran. Keep in mind you will still need expert riding and a flying mount on your alt, but they will be able to fly in Northrend by level 68 instead of 77.

There are a lot of vendors where you can purchase the Cold Weather Flying ability. The easiest one to find is Hira Snowdawn, who again, is located on the flight path in Dalaran.

One thing to remember is that the Cold Weather Flying ability does not increase your flying speed. It only allows you to fly in Northrend, if you want to increase your flying speed, you will need to purchase the Artisan Riding skill, it has cost of 5000 gold.

Here are some tips to help you save time in this journey:

  • You can purchase the flying mount and the expert riding skill in one of the main cities of your faction to get a reputation discount. While it may not be that much, any amount of gold you save in WotLK Classic is useful.
  • If you do not have the required amount of gold, we suggest you reach level 80 and either get a farming profession like Herbalism, Mining, or Skinning or use one of the farming spots mentioned in our gold farming guide. After some farming, you will have the gold you need and maybe even more!
  • If you have alts you will be playing, focus more on the gold farming part; it will be expensive, especially if you want them flying around at max speed.

The hardest part is getting the gold, but you will eventually get there, so do not rush through the game. Enjoy walking around Northrend because you will miss it as the game continues.


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