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The Burning Crusade was arguably the best expansion that Blizzard has ever released and with the re-imagining of it in WoW Classic, players are on the lookout for an online WoW TBC store where they get themselves geared up and ready for their journey to the Dark Portal with offers posted by other gamers. With new races and weapons, players of the well-loved MMO are excited to experience TBC.

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic or its trademark owner.

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About WoW Classic TBC Online Marketplace

What Sets Burning Crusade Classic Apart

While World of Warcraft Classic was a recreation of the game’s Vanilla days, Burning Crusade Classic is the recreation of the MMO’s namesake first expansion. For players that did not play the original Burning Crusade and haven’t started yet with Classic, the first expansion introduced a lot of things to the game. 

First and foremost would be the raising of the level cap to 70, which grants classes access to more skills. This is also to ensure that they keep up with new content in the Outlands, which has over seven zones and a lot of dungeons, raids, and instances in them. 

Along with these new content are more powerful weapons, armor, and rare WoW Burning Crusade Classic items, persuading players to run them again and again until they get what they want and need. At least for that character, until they make a new one and run them again and again. 

Another noteworthy addition in Burning Crusade is the new races: Blood Elf and Draenei. Their allegiances have been switched from that in Warcraft III, with the Blood Elf now a part of the Horde and the Draenei of the Alliance. What makes them interesting and important in the expansion is that they can both choose the class that is supposed to be exclusive for the other faction. For the Blood Elf, that would be the Paladin, and for the Draenei the Shaman. With this, they can play an important, in-demand role that only they can. 

Finally, there are the flying mounts. Apart from their aesthetic value and the novelty of being able to take it to the skies, they are a very big help in getting around Azeroth, especially now that it has become bigger and more difficult to traverse. Plus, certain areas are only accessible with a flying mount. 

Why Engage in WoW Burning Crusade Classic Trade

The novelty of Burning Crusade Classic is that it follows original conventions of the game instead of the more streamlined ones that have led the game to become more casual. This has restored the old feel of the more than fifteen-year-old MMORPG but has come with problems of its own. 

The first would be the fact that while Classic sought to recreate the old Vanilla experience, it was later on scrapped. This means that while Burning Crusade Classic will be most faithful, it will have certain differences from that of the original version. They will not be huge changes in mechanics or content format. Instead, they will be changes on how buffs work, the inclusion of items that weren’t in the original, as well as pre-nerfed versions of certain instances and raids. 

On top of that, the return to the older mechanics means Burning Crusade Classic is as grind-intensive as Classic and the original versions of both. This is true for levels, which are now capped at 70. Grinding from level 60-70 can take longer than grinding from level 1 to 30 or 40. It also doesn’t help that for the new races, they will have to start at level 1. 

As for gold, it was harder to come by and is relevant for a lot of content in the original. This makes it more valuable, Burning Crusade Classic gold economy is simply following suit. The same is true for items, especially those that are only obtained by RNG – that means much time and pure luck. 

On the other hand, some want to make money by playing WoW Burning Crusade Classic. Simply playing the game won’t earn one anything. Instead, it’s by selling gold, items, power leveling services, and even accounts. 

Why Trade in the WoW TBC Market

For players that don’t have the time to grind and those that want to make real-life money in Azeroth, there is the WoW Classic Marketplace.

In the WoW TBC Market, players will be buying from other players the things they need in WoW Classic for real-life money. As long as there’s an offer for it, the buyers can get it. The most common of these are gold and items, especially mounts. There are also power leveling services and accounts for those that have specific needs. 

While sellers have the freedom to set any price to their offers, it’s recommended that they keep it close to the actual value of what is being offered. This way, potential players won’t go for another seller, and at the same time, they’ll earn a profit. As for buyers, they need to know the actual value of what is being offered so they can choose wisely which one to go for.

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