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WoW Classic Blacksmithing and Mining Guide

OSRS Blacksmithing

In this WoW Classic Blacksmithing and Mining guide, we’ll give you the knowledge to start your profession correctly. Additionally, we’ll give you hints for other choices in the game that can enhance your playthrough. From time to time, we all know when World of Warcraft creates tension between two factions that ends in an epic war. Through expansions, we explore new lands, meet new people (NPCs), and try to solve any conflict.

As a result, we find new ways to extend the lore and add more pages to our “neverending” (or retelling) journey. In the middle of everything, we need some tools to enhance our heroes and keep up with the fight. Mining and Blacksmithing may not look too appealing initially, but they’ll be worth your time in the long run.

General Overview for Blacksmithing

Essentially, obtaining this Profession in World of Warcraft gives you a lot of advantages. The main goal for any Blacksmith is to increase your equipment’s effectiveness and build better armor for your group. To begin this venture, you’ll need to take a Blacksmith hammer and approach one anvil from any town (and some dungeons). When you have everything in line, you’ll have the opportunity to produce new items for your teammates or your Champion.

Once you have all the essentials from Blacksmithing on your character, you can produce more for other people. Hence, you could choose between improving your Guild or selling your expertise in the Auction Market. As a result, your group’s fame could improve, or you can obtain a lot of Gold with your overpowered equipment.

WoW Classic Blacksmithing Leveling Guide

To begin your journey in the “hammer and anvil” Profession, you need to find a Blacksmithing trainer NPC. They usually appear in the main cities around Azeroth. To locate one, you can ask a Guard for directions. Afterward, you must travel to that location, talk to the NPC, and learn your first “skills” or recipes. Most importantly, in the Blacksmith menu (the spellbook), you should always check the color of the item you’re producing before spending your resources.

If the item you want to make has orange letters, you’ll gain a Blacksmith level for each. When it turns yellow, there’s a high percentage of achieving another level. Afterward, the chances become lower if it turns green, and if the selection turns grey, you cannot gain experience. Most importantly, the objective is to earn points by completing your recipes in the Blacksmithing spellbook. You’ll start at level one and need to continue producing goods until you reach level 300 (and beyond).

Blacksmithing Apprentice (1-75)

You only need to reach level five with your Champion. When ready, head to any capital city and look for a Blacksmith trainer. It is recommendable that you look and start the Mining Profession simultaneously. Since you’re learning how to use the blacksmith hammer and the anvil, you’ll need a couple of copper coins and ready to go.

To reach the Journeyman level requirement (which is level 75), you could follow these steps:

Start with the “Rough Sharpening Stone” quest until you reach 30. To fulfill this recipe, you need “Rough Stone,” obtained from a Copper Vein. In other words, you could increase your first levels in Blacksmithing as you complete quests in the starting maps. This consumable increases your weapon damage by 2 in 30 mins. You could see a “shining” effect on your weapon when it obtains this buff.

After that, change into “Rough Grinding Stone” and stop at level 65. This time around, the recipe requires two Rough Stones per item. Save all of your resources since you’ll use them in the upcoming step. Now, to reach 75, you need to make a couple of “Coarse Sharpening Stone” from a “Coarse Stone. This consumable increases your weapon damage threefold.

Gathering the materials and beginning the level process may take a couple of hours. You could buy all of the resources from the Auction House if you have enough Gold and less time to play. Still, if you’re making this process on your own, you could earn additional experience while using Mining in different parts of the map.

Blacksmithing Journeyman (75-125)

For this part, you could opt to produce the “Coarse Grinding Stone.” Similar to the previous steps, it multiplies the need for “Coarse Stone” by two. Hence, you’ll need to farm many Tin Veins with the Mining ability and gather as much as you can carry. Once you reach Blacksmithing level 90, change into a “Runed Copper Belt” or make “Silver Skeleton Keys” if you have enough Silver Bars. Lastly, make “Rough Bronze Leggings” until you’re ready for the next milestone (Expert). You require six Bronze Bars to craft those leggings, but since they are “green,” you can keep one for yourself and sell the rest.

When you reach this part, you might start to feel that you are not obtaining resources as fast as you want to level. Sadly, moving onwards takes a lot of time (and Gold). But if you’re persistent, the future rewards will make it all worth it.

Blacksmithing Expert (125-200)

Things will get a little more complicated as you require more materials to increase your process. First, make “Heavy Grinding Stone” until you gain level 140, then craft a lot of “Patterned Bronze Bracers” for ten more points. Gain another ten by making “Golden Skeleton Keys.” To reach level 190, make “Green Iron Bracers” and a couple of “Golden Scale Bracers” to complete this segment.

Blacksmithing Artisan (200-300)

Start with “Solid Grinding Stone” for ten levels in your Blacksmithing journey, then craft the “Heavy Mithril Gauntlet” until you reach 225. You can gain another ten levels by making “Heavy Mithril Axes” or “Steel Plate Helm.”

The following 35 levels are tricky since you need to acquire a recipe from a drop. The “Plans: Mithril Spurs” usually appear when you kill some elite mobs or monsters. Therefore, you can obtain this item if you visit a lot of dungeons. If you’re a Paladin or a Warrior, making a “Tanky” build can give you tons of invites. When you obtain the Plans, making “Mithril Spurs” will help you immensely.

Finally, produce “Imperial Plate Bracers” until you have 295 points and “Imperial Plate Boots” until you cannot gain more levels (for now).

How to Mine Efficiently in WoW Classic

Small Beginnings

To start everything up, you’ll need to reach level 5 and unlock the Profession options. Afterward, you can start your mining career with the proper trainer. Remember to use the assistance from the guards in the mayor cities to find this NPC. You’ll also need to purchase a “Mining Pick” and always have it on your inventory. You can approach any of the “mineral veins” and extract its contents if done correctly.

Having A Sense of Exploration

The main focus of Mining requires that you move between maps. The mineral veins spawn in specific locations when you’re traveling around. You can find many unique resources between mines, caves, cliffs, hills, and borders. You can most notably find “rare mineral veins” in random locations while passing through dungeons. As a result, when a conflict ends, you can run toward one and gather some resources as quickly as possible.

Using Mods

If you still find it challenging to obtain any mineral veins between maps, you could use the assistance of mods or add-ons. These tools show the common spawn points’ locations in any place for WoW Classic. You can even opt to look for those rarest minerals and search for the right resource. Still, though, sometimes they can be inaccurate since another player could farm the one you’re searching for and snatch it. Hence, it gives you no other option but to look for another spawn point or change the server.

How to Improve Your Mining Even Further

For this part of the Classic WoW Mining Guide, you’ll learn another way to spend the resources you gather from this profession. By doing so, you’ll know what to do when you have enough items in your inventory/bank and have more motivation to dig up more.

  • Pairing Mining With Other Professions

Some options besides Mining can be Blacksmithing, Engineering, or other gathering professions (Herbalism and Skinning). With either Blacksmithing or Engineering, you’ll use the ore and metal bars to complete recipes. You could level both Professions at the same time, which increases your capabilities. If you pick Blacksmithing, you’ll have armor bonuses and have the possibility to make better weapons/armor. Similarly, Engineering allows you to create unique tools that add more gameplay mechanics.

  • Utilize the Auction House

Instead of using the minerals on yourself, you could use the Mining/Herbalism (or Skinning) combo to gather items and sell them afterward. It is recommendable to pick a “full” server if you want to obtain gold quickly. You could buy different items or mounts for your character with all the gold you earn.

  • Picking A Class That Works Best With Mining

Depending on your pair of Professions, some Classes get better advantages than the rest. For instance, you could pick the Mining/Blacksmithing combo with any Warrior and Paladin. When you complete recipes, you can opt to keep the best equipment and use it on your hero. At the same time, you could use the Engineering/Mining combo with a Warrior, Paladin, or even a Hunter. Some tools give you advantages to your “firing” weapons, which enhance the capabilities for long-range classes.

WoW Classic Blacksmithing Specialty Guide

When you reach Blacksmithing 200 and your character reaches level 40, you can opt between two options. First, you have the Armorsmith, which focuses on making better armor for your hero and the rest of the community. Even though it is a fantastic path, you must fulfill many requirements. If you want to invest your time learning the Weaponsmith Specialty, you'll end up in a similar position, but if you’re still interested, you can follow these steps:

  • Search for the Master NPC.
  • Follow the Requirements for the initiation.
  • Complete a bunch of quests that require rare materials/resources.
  • Look for another NPC that needs more materials for its quests.
  • Pick the Specialty that you want for your character.
  • Craft a couple of items until you unlock the Armorsmith or Weaponsmith.

It may not be all that effortless, but you could reach another level of Blacksmithing expertise if you complete the requirements. Many of the items you can craft give you an advantage if you’re focusing on conducting Raids with fewer complications. Similarly, you could quickly sell the armor in the Auction House for extra Gold when you complete the requirements.

How Blacksmithing and Mining Go Together

One essential knowledge you can learn from this WoW Classic Blacksmithing Guide is how to pair it with another Profession. Since you can have two primary Professions, the other option is to activate Mining. With this combo, you can gather the materials and produce new items as you travel across different maps. Furthermore, you’ll get XP when you use the mining skill if you successfully obtain the goods.

The Best Classes for the Blacksmithing & Mining Combo

The best Blacksmithing and Mining combo classes use all kinds of armor. As a result, you should go through this journey as a Warrior or Paladin so you can equip all the best equipment you could produce. Between all of the possible options in the Blacksmith tree, you have the opportunity to obtain powerful gear that works equally well between PvP (Player versus Player) or PvE (Player versus Environment).

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