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Vengeful Gladiator Nether Drake in BAG - ELITE PVP SETS - T3 Dreamwalker Set - T3 Bonescythe set - Tons of Gladiator Tabards - WOD CM GOLD - MAGETOWER

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$ 1299.00

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Ever since Blizzard made Gladiator Mounts account-wide, trading gladiator characters for their legendary mounts across accounts is literally impossible unless you have the mount itself in the bag. The mount will no longer transfer. Here is your chance to obtain the Vengeful Nether Drake, the rarest gladiator mounts in the game according to Data for Azeroth. Less than 0.00034% of the player base has this mount.
Please know that I am only selling the character nothing more.
Because the Vengeful Nether Drake and the T3 sets are in the bag, they will transfer over to your new account.
Transmog sets:
6/8 T3 Dreamwalker set (I didn't want to buy more because these two T3 are basically a complete set with very little visual differences when you compensate with other transmogs)
4/8 T3 Bonescythe set
Vindictive Gladiator's Leather Armor ELITE
Fierce Gladiator's Leather Armor ELITE
Demonic Gladiator Leather Armor ELITE
Mage Towers for all specs; Assassination, Outlaw, and Sub
Warlord of Draenor CM MODE GOLD (for all classes)
Cataclysm Legendary Dagger
ALL of the Battle for Azeroth gladiator tabards appearance
ALL of Legion gladiator tabards appearance
Prideful Gladiator Tabards, Warmongering Gladiator Tabards, and season 1 of Shadowland Sinful gladiator tabards appearance 
and over 50+ other tabards too many to name! 
Vengeful Gladiator Nether Drake, other notable mounts in bags are 2 vicious saddles, swift warstrider, reins of the black primal raptor, reins of the green primal raptor.
You will also get Undercity Plaguebat (unobtainable)
Zandalari Direhorn and Bruce the crocodile!
Cata Legendary Daggers, and a few toys.

Because I'm selling only the character, you will have to pay for transfer fees and a new license. Leave me a message and we can discuss details.
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