Arms Warrior 477 Ilvl (474 equipped), 107kdps, 9/10 Sockets, Expedient 23, 475 Weapon, Panda for double food buff, 83% Base Haste, AotC 4/12M 1.7k IO

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$ 450.00

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I am the original owner of this account, gametime till 8/8/2020, Any questions do them before purchasing the account.

What does this offer include?

-Original Bnet & Email, both of these will be handed over and are for the keeping
-WoW Account with Shadowlands Heroic Edition Pre-purchased so you don't have to spend a single penny in 4 months
-Lv 110 Token so you may create an alt
-Chubby 474 Arms Warrior Panda destroyer of worlds with 83% base haste
-Instant Delivery of the account right after the payment gets verified by the website.
Vial of Animated Blood 475 (Great for Tanking)
Remote Guidance Device 465 (BiS PvP)
Jes' Howler 465 Socketed
Lingering Sporepods 465 Socketed
Rezan's Gleaming Eye 465
Vita-Charged Titanshard 460 Socketed
Humming Black Dragonscale 460 Socketed
Sigil of Warding (Great for Tanking)
-Azerites Arms-
-475 Helm, 475 Shoulders, 465 Chestpiece-
X3 Test of Might (BiS)
X3 Heart of Darkness (BiS)
-Azerites Tank-
-475 Helm. 475 Shoulders, 465 Chestpiece-
X3 Bastion of Might (BiS)
X3 Defeaning Crash (BiS)
Note: Shoulders / Helm are shared so you will have to reforge these everytime you want to dps or tank, both of these are perfect azerite setups (BiS, don't swap them)
Unique; Gushing Wound (465 Socketed Wrists)
T3; Expedient (475 Socketed Gloves, 470 Socketed Belt, 475 Socketed Ring, 460 Socketed Ring, 470 Socketed Wrists, 475 Socketed Weapon, 475 Socketed Pants), Void Ritual (465 Gloves), Surging Vitality (475 Socketed Gloves), Twilight Devastation (430 Belt, 445 Wrists) Deadly Momentum (460 Belt) Twisted Appendage (445 Ring)
T2; Twisted Appendage (475 Belt), Echoing Void (465 Belt) Infinite Stars (460 Legs), Expedient (470 Socketed Boots)
T1; Twilight Devastation (460 Legs, 475 Belt) There are more corruptions, just not worth mentioning, check the Imgur for more information on the gear available.
T3; Memory of Lucid Dreams, Essence of the Focusing Iris, Vision of Perfection, Spark of Inspiration, Anima of Life and Death, Strength of the Warden
T2; Aegis of the Deep, Touch of the Everlasting, Worldvein Resonance, The Unbound Force, The Formless Void, Conflict and Strife, Breath of the Dying, Condensed Life-Force (imgur isnt up to date with only this essence)
T1; The Crucible of Flame (really this is a t3 if u just invest 20minutes into the questline)
What could upgrade the toon? Cara/Nzoth mythic (485 azerites, 485 weapon), Ashvane's Razor Coral 445+ Socketed and lastly a 475 vita-charged titanshard socketed, - mother fully researched, just farm mementos and you can socket one piece a week roughly speaking - Breath of the dying rank 3 and conflict & strife rank 3, I am not a fan of pvp nor rep farming so I won't be doing these, I am tired of the current xpac I have sold over 40 bfa toons by now and I just want to take it easy till shadowlands.
This is my last account for the current version of retail, this toon can clear anything you want be pvp or pve he is ready, come and enjoy the last 4 months of BfA with a toon capable of doing all the content while also being competitive, easy 100k+ dps on ST, shreds m+ as either tank/dps, great gear to smack on pvp (ideally you'd play versatile instead of expedient, but I offer PvE not PvP oriented characters) best melee in the entire raid, best tank for m+, chubby area-52 panda with double food buff on a 23 expedient, crazy 100%+ haste while on combat thanks to iris and humming.
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