Fury / Protection Warrior 440 ILvl HoA 61, Amazing weapon 445 equipped, BiS trinkets (coral/barnacle) / 3 R3 essences / azerites, mythic ready

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Disclaimer, I am the original owner of this account, this account has mexican origin, please check that your payment methods work regardless of currency / store (example, paypal works for every store, I myself keep my money on USD and can pay in any Blizzard store regardless of what currency is displayed, in this case it'd be MXN), character located in Area-52, you may move into any server within the american region, the account has gametime till September 8th (9/8/2019)
(Note, it shows the ilvl as 440, but im 439 ilvl equipped) HoA Lv 61, 5% in. (Dual Essence Unlocked)
This character has a Geti'ikku, Cut of Death at 445 ilvl (Best weapon in the game for a fury warrior) This sword has no additional stats, but it has a proc effect, a bleeding that deals 72k Dmg over 12 seconds, if the target dies within the bleed you get healed for 63k, this is already a BiS weapon for m+, but the dmg effect on bosses is off the chart, this effect alone can deal 600k-800k in long fights, if you want an example, well, the most used essence in the game and the fury warriors best one for raiding is the condensed life essence, the golem summoned by it can deal 500k-700k when casted twice in a single fight, this sword deals the same or even more damage than that. Fury warriors are the most broken melee dps for raids right now, and it's because of their nonstop rotation, it hits so fast and often that you get more procs than other classes, therefore this sword is simply the best weapon in the game for a fury warrior.
Trinkets in bag
Rezan's gleaming eye 415 socketed (BiS tank trinket, useful for dps)
Pocketed-Sized Computation Device, cyclotronic redcard (BiS in some raid fights)
Dps Azerites
Helm - Reckless Flurry, Cold Steel Hot Blood - 435 Ilvl BiS
Shoulders - Reckless Flurry, Cold steel Hot Blood - 435 Ilvl BiS
Chest - Simmering Rage, Reckless Flurry, Overwhelming Power - 445 Ilvl
Note, you want x3 Cold Steel Hot Blood, try rolling for this one.
Tank Azerites
Helm - Bastion of Might, Defeaning Crash, Shimmering Haven, Resounding Protection - BiS 435 (These are the best traits for m+, you need 1 defeaning crash at all times)
Shoulders - Defeaning crash, Callous Deprisal, Shimmering Haven, Bulwark of the masses - BiS 435
Chest - Bastion of Might, Seismic Wave, Strength in Numbers, Bulwark of the masses  - 445 This has to be the best tanking chestpiece in the game for m+ dmg as tank... which is the main reason for warriors being the best tanks, for their damage output.
Note, Bastion of Might is heavily valued in both m+ and raid, if you have ever played or seen a protection warrior, then you know that their avatar is up every minute or so, by having bastion of might you basically give yourself a huge mastery buff every minute, this means ignore pain is better, you do more dmg and both block and critical block are enhanced by it, this warrior has BiS traits for m+ and can easily step in a +15 and hold his ground, im afraid more than that will require better gear and essences.
Protection spec is 435 ilvl equipped, with both weapons at ilvl 415, Chestpiece is shared with the fury spec, you will have to reforge if you need to tank / dps, the warrior has 5 azerite pices, 4 430's and 1 445.

Essences for Dps
Rank 3 Essence of the Focusing Iris (BiS AoE )
Rank 3 Memory of the Lucid Dreams (BiS for ST in certain fights.)
Rank 3 The Crucible of Flame (BiS minor / major for ST, sims within this one and condense life-force are way too similar, I believe they both outweight each-other based on gear)
Rank 2 Blood of the Enemy
Rank 2 Condense Life-Force (BiS at rank 3, currently farming it.)
Rank 1, Vision of perfection, Worldvein Resonance, Conflict and Strife.
Essences for Tank
Rank 2 Anima of life and death (BiS for m+ and most fights)
Rank 3 Memory of the Lucid Dreams (BiS minor, fury refund + self healing)
Rank 3 The Crucible of Flame
Rank 1 Aegis of the Deep, Conflict and Strife, Nullification Dynamo, Vision of perfection, Worldvein Resonance.
Mechagon and Unshackled Revered, check the armory to verify other reputations and their current progress, this account cannot fly yet.
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