Fire/Frost Mage ilvl 438 HoA 60 (433 equipped) BiS Gear, BiS azerites, BiS trinkets, BiS Essences, Aotc 2/8M current tier (Eternal Palace)

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Disclaimer, I am the original owner of this account, this account has mexican origin, please check that your payment methods work regardless of currency / store (example, paypal works for every store, I myself keep my money on USD and can pay in any Blizzard store regardless of what currency is displayed, in this case it'd be MXN), character located in Area-52, you may move into any server within the american region, the account has gametime till September 30th (9/30/2019)
Fire mages are currently one of the best and most desired casters as they can pump a ton of damage while also providing the guild with their INT buff, strong burst, good defensive cds, execute phase which is required in certain fights, you can easily join a mythic progression guild with this character, you will be dealing incredible damage, provide the raid with utility, and you wont be another melee (the game is currently filled with melees, so it's easier to find a group as rdps, this toon also has 90% parse avg to back you up when trying to trial into any guild)
You may not be aware, but it also has the Hyperthread Wristwraps, these are the BiS wrists fire mages get wet over for, their effect allows you to have insane burst and they alone can make you parse 2k extra dps, these behave as if they were an on-use trinket, with their cd capped at 2 minutes you will be able to match every lucid dreams + combustion combo, making for giant burst windows of over 100k dps.
Note, these aren't exactly farmeable, you have 1 shoot every week to get them at this ilvl from mechagon, not every mage has them, with the opening of m+ mechagon they will be more common, but for now, only a few lucky mages have them.)
If you are a raider, then you are aware of how broken benthic gear is... well, I farmed the critical benthic boots, they are socketed 415 ilvl on bag, didn't bother with other pieces, as you may know these get expensive real fast and heavily rely on RNG, I didn't bother farming them, boots alone will enhance your dps for almost 1k, while wrists + belt will give you maybe 450ish dps if socketed... I wouldn't recommend farming these.
Azerite gear:
Head 430 - Blaster master - undulating tides - Heed my call
Shoulder 430 - Blaster master- wildfire - heed my call
Chest 430 - Blaster master - undulating tides - heed my call
Note, Blaster Master x3 is a must on mages, hence why I am not using my 445 piece on this spec, you will find yourself losing a lot of dps if you replace one of these, I suggest simming but a quick look into warcraftlogs will let you know that 99% of the good mages will be running triple blaster master.
Frost spec ready with good gear in bag, tons of mastery in case you want to play no ice lance build.
Azerite gear:
Head 420 - Flash freeze - Packed ice - Overwhelming power
Shoulders 445 - Flash freeze - Packed ice - Gutripper
chest 430 - Flash freeze - Undulating Tides - Gutripper
Frost spec is currently 430 ilvl equipped, I am using a 415 mast/crit staff for this one, but... if you want, you can always use the 1h weapons I use for fire, these have sockets, they have more value but since I am mostly a raider I kept them for fire.
Hearth of azeroth is level 59 40%, I am currently farming ap on multiple characters, but it should be reaching 60 soon.
Condensed life-force rank 3
Essence of focusing Iris rank 3 (BiS for m+ Fire mage build)
Memory of lucid dream rank 3 (BiS)
The crucible of flames Rank 3 (BiS Minor in Dungeon)
Worldvein resonance Rank 3 (BiS Minor in Raid, u need atleast 3 more people in your raid running this essence at rank 3 to be viable, if no one is playing it, just spec to flame essence since it's r3, u dont need anyone else and sims about the same damage.)
Blood of the enemy Rank 1
Ripple in space Rank 1
Vision of perfection Rank 1
Reputations are all revered, some exalted, please head into the armory link for further details on these.
Ashenvale chimaera (1% rare drop)
Crimson destallion (Rare water mount only available on Mrrls secret shop)
Infinite timereaver (1% rare drop from timewalking)
Mechagon peacekeeper (1% rare drop from one of the newest dungeons available, mechagon)
Shu-zen, the divine sentinel (the dogo from the blizzard store)
Sky golem (if u fancy a gathering mount, then here you go)
swift zhevra (unsure if this mount can be obtained anymore, as it was a reward from the old RaF system no longer in the game, blizzard will be updating it along with the rewards, I am unsure if this reward will be available again, it was pretty old, therefore atleast for now this is an unobtainable mount.)
wondering 2.0 (pathfinder part2)
Traveler's Tundra Mammoth (Repair mount)
Leviathan's lure ilvl 430 (BiS trinket)
Azhara's font of power ilvl 415 socketed (BiS trinket)
Incandescent Silver ilvl 420
Other things to consider:
This acount has 3 lv 120 alts.
Rogue - 407 ilvl
Monk 409 - ilvl
warlock 395 - ilvl
They are outdated, I stopped playing them at around the time BoD was cleared by most guilds (Basically, they still haven't done the new questlines in nazjatar/mechagon.)
Rogue and monk are both located in area-52, for the warlock, sadly he is in ragnaros, if you ever want to play a lock... well, he's at your disposal along with the rogue and monk.
Enchanting lvl - 182
alchemy lvl - 175 
Most new recipes at Lv3, if you fancy knowing if I have certain recipes for both alch / ench just PM me, again, these 2 will ease your gold consume, being able to enchant yourself and have flasks last for 2 hours instead of 1 can save you a ton of money, you could also attempt making gold off of alch procs or selling enchants.
Cooking lvl 175
Fishing level 81
Lastly... I am willing to negotiate, I do not trade accounts. 
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