Prime Warframes / Blueprints for Sale: Ivara, Wukong, Atlas and More

Missed the chance to get your favorite Prime Warframe? Can’t wait until its next cycle? Don’t worry! You can buy Prime Warframe blueprints right here at PlayerAuctions! With blueprints for great frames like the Ivara Prime, Wukong Prime, and Atlas Prime available at fantastic prices, there’s no reason not to. Register and get your Primes now! (Materials to craft the parts and frames are not included.)


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How to Get Blueprints for Prime Warframes

  1. Set up a meeting time with the seller of the offer you choose.
  2. Exchange in-game names to get invited to their Dojo. Some sellers might add you to their friend list for the same reason.
  3. Trade with your seller using the Trading Post.
  4. Check the trade window for anything erroneous before accepting.
  5. Confirm the delivery with us.
  6. Enjoy!

You’ll have to gather the resources needed to craft the frame. The materials aren’t tradable so you can’t buy them from other players. One tip to ease the grind is to have a friend or many with you as you go on missions. You’ll clear them faster, and they can ease the tedium of grinding.

Why Buy Prime Warframes?

Prime Warframes and weapons have limited availability once they get vaulted. When that happens, any parts or blueprints already in the player’s inventory will not disappear. However, Void Relics that reward players with the relevant items will no longer be available. That means you can’t complete the item if you weren’t finished gathering all the parts or blueprints.

It’s a good thing they’re tradable because other players might have the stuff you need. Some might be willing to give it for free, but a majority would want payment for the goods. That’s why you buy Prime stuff.

The Best Prime Warframes to Buy

Of course, you should get your money’s worth. Here are the best Prime Warframes you can get in the game.

For support: Trinity Prime

Have your allies spam their skills with Trinity’s incredibly useful ability to regenerate Energy. Her second skill marks an enemy to give Energy when damaged by an ally. She can also heal (with her first ability) and replenish shields (both for her fourth ability). Lastly, her third skill lets her be tanky by redirecting damage she receives to a marked enemy.

For tanking: Rhino Prime

Unfortunately, the best tanking Warframes do not have Prime variants yet. Rhino is your best bet until either Inaros or Nidus gets their upgraded versions. At any rate, Rhino Prime has a boosted ‘Iron Skin’ ability, which lets the frame take more punishment from enemies.

For DPS: Saryn Prime

Saryn Prime doesn’t need line-of-sight to decimate her enemies. That’s what sets her apart from Mesa Prime, another DPS frame. Her abilities have virus-like effects in that it can spread from enemy to enemy. The further and longer it spreads, the higher the damage it deals. Combining the first ability with the fourth lets you up the damage even higher. Saryn also shares the title for the biggest energy pool in the game with Chroma Prime, Volt Prime, Ivara Prime, Baruuk, and Wisp.

Equinox Prime is also a contender for this spot. She comes with a rather difficult mechanic to master, though.

Get your own Prime Warframes right here at PlayerAuctions. You won’t find the best deals, friendliest service agents, and the safest transactions anywhere else! Register now to take advantage of all we offer.

Continue enjoying Warframe!


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