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Warframe Plastids Farming

Warframe Plastids Farming

Veteran Tenos would be very much familiar with the materials known as Warframe Plastids. New players might overlook the importance of these ingredients until they realize just how essential these things are. Plastids are tissue masses infested by nanites, mainly used for upgrading Warframes and crafting gear. This Warframe Plastids Farming guide will teach players everything they need to know, including where to get Plastids and how to get Plastids. 

Plastids are acquired from certain planets. They are mainly obtained from defeating enemies on select levels or destroying containers or lockers. While they may be rare, these materials are relatively easy to farm, but gamers will need them in large quantities. Knowing where to get these items can help Tenos reduce their time grinding Plastids. 

Where to Get Plastids in Warframe

There are approximately five planets where players should focus on farming. These areas provide various missions that gamers can spam to collect tons of Plastids. Here are the best places to farm this material:

  • Eris
  • Phobos
  • Pluto
  • Saturn
  • Uranus

Out of all these planets, Eris and Uranus yield the most Plastids. Unfortunately for newer players, these areas are inaccessible in the game's early stages. Gamers are advised to progress further and try to unlock these spots before considering farming Plastids. Dark Sector missions are good challenges since they reward tons of Plastids.

How to Get Plastids with Dark Sector Missions

Some missions yield more Warframe Plastids so that Tenos can focus on those tasks instead. Farming specific Dark Sectors can be the most efficient way of farming these materials. Here are the best options for this particular task:

Dark Sector: Survival

  • Eris (Zabala) - This planet has one of the highest drop rates with a 30% increased drop chance. Plastids are also acquired here in dozens, so it's faster to accumulate loot in this area. Sadly, the main drawback of farming in Eris is that enemies here are way stronger since they are higher level. Players might have more difficulty killing mobs, affecting their precise time.
  • Uranus (Assur) - This mission is designated as the best place to farm Plastids. Aside from having other loot like Gallium, Detonite Ampute, and Polymer Bundle, Saturn has a 25% drop rate higher than other planets. Mobs in this area are also moderate level, so players won't have a hard time defeating them in combat.
  • Saturn (Piscina) - This task is the most newbie-friendly instance of Dark Sectors. The mobs in this mission are low-level, making them more accessible and faster to take down. In addition, there is a 20% drop rate bonus in Piscina, which makes farming here even better. Orokin Cells are also farmable in Saturn, which is rare and worth stocking up on.

Dark Sector: Defense

  • Eris (Akkad) - Akkad is the only Defense mission that yields enough Plastids to make farming worthwhile. These types of Dark Sector are a bit easier, so players won't get burned out too quickly.

Other Missions

While Dark Sectors are the best places to farm Plastids, specific missions are worthwhile. Certain quests provide a decent number of materials and can be more casual than more challenging instances. Here are the best tasks to farm Plastids outside Dark Sectors:

  • Phobos (Stickney) - For players who haven't unlocked many planets in the star chart, Phobos is the best area to farm in. This mission has level 10 to 15 enemies which are very easy to defeat. This place is ideally the best starting planet to grind Plastids, but it will be quickly replaced once players unlock more areas.
  • Saturn (Helene) - Saturn is one of the best farming spots in the mid-level stage of the game. With the 20% drop rate paired with relatively easy enemies, looting Plastids here is very efficient.
  • Uranus (Ophelia) - Uranus missions are much harder due to having high-level opponents. However, fully geared Warframes can take advantage of the increased drop chances in this area. Ophelia is a survival mission, so players can also roam around to search for lockers and containers to optimize their runs.
  • Pluto (Palus) - As one of the last planets to be unlocked, Pluto has one of the highest drop rates in Warframe. Plastid drops in this area are also high.; however, the enemies here are challenging to eliminate, so players need to prepare before they start any incursions.

It is highly recommended for gamers to alternate between different missions and Dark Sectors to avoid burning out. 

Additional Tips for Farming Plastids

  • Players should consider using farming Warframes to optimize their runs. These include Speed Nova, Pilfering Hydroid, EV Trinity, and Nekros.
  • Gamers should always seek out and destroy every container and locker available in their area to maximize the loot they get.
  • Avoid doing missions that are too difficult. The main idea of choosing low or suitable level runs is to capitalize on speed. Faster farming routes are better than high loot but slow areas. Only take on higher difficulty stages when fully geared.

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