Supreme-Godlike PC Account, MR17, 29 Warframes, 98 Weapons, Endo: 85.600, 2000+ Hours of Gameplay, Naramon: 435.000, All Warframes/Weapons till Atlas!

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Ash Prime Level 30
Banshee Level 30
Chroma Level 30 Formad 2 Times
Ember Prime Level 30
Equinox Level 30
Frost Prime Level 30
Hydroid Level 30
Ivara Level 30
Loki Prime Level 30
Mag Prime Level 30
Mesa Level 30
Mirage Level 30
Nekros Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Nezha Level 30
Nova Level 30
Nova Prime Level 30
Nyx Level 30
Nyx Prime Level 30
Oberon Level 30 Formad 3 Times
Rhino Level 30 Formad 3 Times
Rhino Prime Level 30
Saryn Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Trinity Level 30
Valkyr Level 30
Vauban Level 30
Volt Level 30
Volt Prime Level 30
Wukong Level 26
Zephyr Level 30
Acrid Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Akbolto Telos Level 30
Amprex Level 30
Angstrum Level 30
Atomos Level 30
Atterax Level 30
Ballistica Rakta Level 30
Bo Prime Level 30
Boar Level 30
Boar Prime Level 30
Boltor Prime Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Brakk Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Braton Prime Level 30
Broken War Level 30
Bronco Level 30
Bronco Prime Level 30 Formad 3 Times
Burston Prime Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Buzlok Level 30
Castanas Level 30
Cernos Rakta Level 30
Daikyu Level 30
Dakra Prime Level 30
Dera Level 30
Dera Vandal Level 30
Detron Level 30 Formad 5 Times
Detron Mara Level 30
Dex Dakra Level 30
Dex Furis Level 30
Dread Level 30 Formad 2 Times
Embolist Level 30
Galatine Level 30
Gammacor Synoid Level 30
Glaive Prime Level 30
Glaxion Level 30
Gorgon Fantasma Level 30
Gorgon Prisma Level 30
Grakata Level 30
Grinlok Level 30
Halikar Level 30
Harpak Level 30
Hate Level 30
Hek Level 30
Hikou Prime Level 30
Ichor Dobles Level 30
Ignis Level 30
Jat Kittag Level 30
Karak Fantasma Level 30
Karyst Level 30
Kestrel Level 30
Kogake Level 30
Kohm Level 30
Kohmak Level 30
Kronen Level 30
Kulstar Level 30
Kunai Level 30
Lanka Level 30
Latron Fantasma Level 30
Latron Prime Level 30
Lecta Level 30
Lex Prime Level 30
Machete Fantasma Level 30
Magnus Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Marelok Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Marelok Vaykor Level 30
Nikana Dragon Level 30
Ninkondi Level 30
Nukor Level 30
Ogris Level 30
Opticor Level 30
Orthos Prime Level 30
Paracyst Level 30
Paris Level 30
Penta Level 30
Prova Vandal Level 30
Pyrana Level 30
Quanta Vandal Level 30
Raza Dobles Level 30
Rifle De Flujo Level 30
Rubico Level 30
Scindo Prime Level 30
Scoliac Level 30
Serro Level 30
Sheev Level 30
Sinoid Simulor Level 30 Formad 1 Time
Soma PrimeLevel 30
SonicorLevel 30
SpiraLevel 30
Strun FantasmaLevel 30
SupraLevel 30
Synapse Level 30 Formad 6 Times
Tetra PrismaLevel 30
Tigris Sancti Level 30 Formad 3 Times
TonkorLevel 30
ToridLevel 30
Vectis Level 30 Formad 4 Times
Vectis Prime Level 30 Formad 2 Times
Twin Vipers FantasmaLevel 30
Vulkar FantasmaLevel 6
Zoren Double Level 30
-Mastery Rating: 17
-29 Warframes
-98 Total Weapons
-Credits: 530.000
-Platinum: 320
-Endo: 85.600
-Total Modules: 3000
-Module Rating: 29.500
-Naramon: 435.000
-2000+ Hours of Gameplay
-The account is 6 years old
-All Warframes, Weapons until Atlas release
-All Weapons with Blue Potato and all Warframes with Potato
-All event mods, event weapons, and other event stuff
-Huge amount of mods, Blueprints, keys, nav points, resources etc...
-Loads of Prime Parts and Resources!
-More on Screenshots!
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