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Full access I Army all nations 7 ranks I Aviation 5-6-7 ranks I rare vehicles I Maus:)

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$ 850.00

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Army: there is a top tier of all nations of rank 7, with the exception of some newly introduced vehicles in the last patch. rare and premium cars + talismans. Briefly from interesting things: M1A2 Abrams, Leopard 2 A6, STRV 122B PLSS, T-72B3, T-80BVM, Leclerc S2, Ariete PSO, Type 90 (B), ZTZ99, Maus, Merkava Mk.2B, Panther 2, Coelian, Royal Tiger 2 with 105mm gun, Soviet Panther T-5, Pakpuma 75mm, Polish Leopard 2, Ersatz M10, VFW, Katyusha, BMP-2M, EBR, etc.


Aviation: all nations have been upgraded to 6-7 ranks (France, China 5), there are premium mid-rank aircraft, rare + talismans. Briefly from interesting things: F-4E Phantom II (also FGR.2, FG.1, F-4EJ), MIG-23, SU-17M2, MIG-21MF, Yak-38M, F11-F, A-4E Early with bulpups, A-7 with mavericks, G.91 R3 with AS-20 Nords, A-26C-45, Me 262 A1-a / U1, TIS-MA, ITP (M1), La-174, MIG -21PFM, NC.900 (fw 190 for France), etc.

 There are top-end helicopters, but not for all nations. All Soviet helicopters, including Ka-50, all USA helicopters, all Italian helicopters, all German helicopters, excluding the EC-665 Tiger UHT.

 20 million sl. There are a lot of bets on golden eagles for the future. Rare decals, bushes, decorators, icons, titles, tricolor and snow smoke for the plane. About 200 days of premium account. Achievement bonus on the forum for almost all CBT in WT.

 I sell acc, of course, together with the mail. All dialogues are exclusively on this site, strictly according to the rules. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions also for screenshots, i will provide all the necessary information about account. Have a good day:)



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