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Valorant Stream Tool Page

So you want to be a Valorant streamer? It’s a good choice for a game, as it’s one of the coolest, most stylish, and most popular first-person shooters right now. Whether you want to be a casual streamer that just sees it as a fun activity or you have high hopes of being a popular streamer with lots of followers, you’re going to need the right tools for your Valorant Stream.

Thankfully, we here at PlayerAuctions will be providing them. This way, you’ll know what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as how you can improve on them. Your followers will appreciate seeing your progression in your streams.

Why Use Our Valorant Tools?

While it’s very much possible to improve on your own, even without a tracker, it’s still much more recommended to use one. Aside from the fact that you’ll see the numerical representation of your current performance, you’ll also be able to take notice of how your performance changes over time and across various parameters.

Even when you’re streaming just for fun, this can be of good use to you. After all, losing all the time is not fun, and learning how you can improve is definitely an enjoyable experience.

What is the Valorant Tracker

The core tool for this would be the Valorant Tracker. This is a tool that will let you see the stats across agents. This will help you know agents you’re good at, which agents suit your play style but need a bit of practice in, and which agents you need a lot of practice with in order to get really good at them.

Speaking of agents, we’ll also be providing you a database regarding the various agent abilities. With our Valorant Tracker and the database being on the same site, you no longer need to look at other sites, especially when you’re in the middle of an intense firefight.

We’ll also be providing streamers with information regarding the Valorant weapons. Included in this would be your accuracy rate and kills for a particular weapon, and even the number of shots you have taken with them. This will allow you to know what weapons you’re good at. Also, if it’s your thing, you can use this to determine what weapons you need to improve in as well.

We’ll be putting a database on weapons as well, for the same reason we did with agents. You’ll be able to save yourself the hassle of going off-site just to know what kind of weapon you should be running and gunning for, because everything you need to know will already be here!

Mapping Your Performance and Maps

Last but definitely not least would be the maps. Aside from being able to see the layout of maps, allowing you to plan ahead, you can also see your stats in them. This will help you determine which maps you do well in, which maps you keep dying in, as well as your performance in specific areas on the maps.

Some Notable Valorant Streamers

To give you some inspiration, here are some streamers whose footsteps you can follow.

Shanks_ttv, also known as Ryan, is a Valorant streamer who's aspiring to be one of the best streamers in the game. He played Counter Strike Global Offensive before moving on to Valorant. He ranks 1967th and streams over 109 hours a month.

Another notable streamer is m0e_tv. Aside from Valorant, m0e_tv is currently busy with Cyberpunk as well. That, however, doesn't mean he's a slouch, as he averages 130 hours of streaming in a week, which is a lot.

Portuguese may not be as widespread as English, but mch_AGG is a rather high-rated Valorant streamer, ranking up to 1632, and over 3,000 peak viewers.

Another non-English speaker is Sizophren, who is Turkish. He's lower ranked than others in the list, as he's only at 3024, but he's gaining followers at a rapid pace.

Last but definitely not least, and perhaps the most popular of them is Nicolle Nascimento, AKA nycts. Yes, she's the only she, she's the only one that shows her face (and it’s a pretty one at that), the talent to boot, and she's gained over 15,000 fans.

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