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A Valorant Character Tier List and Ranking

For any game where you can choose a character from a fixed roster, you’d always want to know who the strongest character is. The reality is, however, the answer to this kind of question always subjective. The different Valorant characters and abilities all cater to different types of players. We all have our own preferences after all, so our opinions on these characters will naturally differ.

Fortunately, we can agree on the usefulness of some characters depending on how they are used. Here are the best agents in Valorant for each type and a Valorant character tier list!

Valorant All Characters Tier List

  • S Rank: Cypher, Breach, Jett, Omen, Sova
  • A Rank: Raze, Sage, Phoenix, Reyna, Killjoy
  • B Rank: Skye, Viper

S rank agents are the ones you want on your team or want to be proficient with. These characters have the greatest ability to contribute to the team’s chances of winning. Of course, you should practice using them first. Even if they’re ‘good’ or ‘strong’ characters, they’re useless if the player doesn’t know how to use them effectively.

Best Agents in Valorant According for Each Type

Sentinel: Cypher

Cypher, despite his easy-to-counter tactics, remains a good pick for anyone wanting to play Sentinel. In fact, you’d always want this character on your team, as he has the best recon abilities. Knowing what the enemy team is planning is half the battle, and Cypher is the best for that job!

His Spycam can support allies from afar. Tripwires and Cages can help slow down enemies or reveal their position. His ultimate, despite the activation condition of being near a downed enemy, can turn the tables of a dire situation.

All in all, Cypher is a versatile character essential for good defense and yet flexible enough to help during a push.

Initiator: Breach

After the buff, Breach is a character to be feared. With more charges to his Flashpoint skill, his ability to disrupt enemy tactics and formations becomes even more unrivaled. His ultimate now also descopes targets and prevents them from doing so again—at least for a short duration. All his skills revolve around interruption and disruption, making him essential to pushes.

Even better, he has an innate ability to go through walls or obstacles. He’s best used to open opportunities for Duelists to clear the dazed and crippled enemies affected by his attacks. This puts him in a support role, despite being more effective when you’re aggressive.

Controller: Omen

True to the name of the category, Omen is an excellent controller. Precise placement of his Dark Cover can cripple enemy recon, feint a push, or even cover retreats. The Paranoia ability is a vision-reducing projectile you can’t predict is coming. Lastly, he can teleport to anywhere on the map with his ultimate, or just some distance away as one of his abilities. It’s great for flanking or ambushes.

Omen can really take control of the battlefield, making him a terrifying enemy. Of course, if the player becomes predictable, they become the primary target to be taken out. Ratchet up your unpredictability while playing this character!

Duelist: Jett

Jett demands a high level of skill. In the hands of one who fits all the requirements though, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her mobility in both horizontal and vertical directions allows her to get in and out of situations in a blink.

With that, she can rush a defense, disorient the enemy, maybe get some kills in, and retreat in a flash. Afterward, the main attacking force can clean up the dregs. Her ambushing ability is second to Omen, who can teleport.

Her only downside is the heavy reliance on the mechanical skill and spatial awareness of the player. She’s only effective if the player has good aim and coordination.

In the End

There’s actually no ‘best’ Valorant character. All Valorant agents have their strengths and weaknesses. What matters more is the cooperation and communication between the team members. Your proficiency in using the character is also important. Knowing the limits of their abilities can open up new tactics and strategies.

One factor for the latter is your playstyle preference. Do you want to hang back and support the team? Sentinel agents are your best bet. Are you the opposite and like to rush the enemy? Pick any of the Duelists. Otherwise, do you prefer to be somewhere in between? You’d enjoy playing the Controllers or Initiators.

If the character fits your playstyle, you enjoy playing that character. The more you play the character, the more proficient you become at your role. When you’re good at your role, your team’s success rate goes up. In the end, that lets you win more often.

At the core of it all, you enjoy the game, and that’s the most important thing. So good luck, and may you enjoy more victories in the future!

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