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Total Battle is an enjoyable strategic game – for those that have the time and energy for it, that is. This is because the game requires players to mind their bases and units, as well as upgrade them from time to time. Thankfully,busy players can avail themselves of Total Battle Power Leveling Services.

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A Guide on Total Battle Boosting: What to Upgrade

Developing the town and growing a fine army is all part of the routine when it comes to war games. Thankfully, in Total Battle: Tactical Strategy, those aspects take a backseat. This leads to players having to head straight into the nitty-gritty and fight their way around the map. If they manage to be the victors, then they get to survive another day. However, should they fall into combat, then there are repercussions. The harsh approach that Total War has certainly isn’t for everyone. After all, not everyone can adjust as quickly as they would like to succeed. To at least get a grip on how they should go about things, players ought to know what buildings and monuments should be scrutinized and upgraded. This will not only lead to having a better time in battle, but it’ll also hasten the process of building a better foundation.

  1. City and Battle Walls

    Ah yes, there’s nothing as satisfying as thwarting an enemy’s attacks with a huge, brick wall. Walls are a powerful and defensive structure in Total Battle that is integral for players who want to protect their city. There are three walls in the city: East, West, and the City Gates. Each of the gates is considered to be equally important when it comes to protecting the city. Plus, it makes for a difficult obstacle for armies that don’t have any siege weapons in their arsenal.

    The battle walls, on the other hand, have a different function, Besides protecting the outer rim of the city walls, the battle walls attack after the catapults in front of the enemy troops in battle. Siege weapons are an enemy’s only hope if they want to break through the walls. Even if they do use catapults, the walls can just destroy the projectiles within the outskirts of the city easily.

    It’s recommended to always restore the walls after each battle. The destroyed walls in Total Battle can’t be restored for a limited amount of time though, so players should wait for a while before they head on to another siege. After all, the minute they let their defenses down, that’s the perfect opportunity for an opposing team to strike.

  2. The Capitol

    The Capitol is what reflects the development level of a player’s city. With this in mind, the Capitol should be a gamer’s number one priority in terms of what to upgrade. This is because improving the Capitol allows players to explore new quarters for development. It also grants players the ability to further upgrade all of their buildings to a higher level and increase their maximum number of allies that can aid them. And of course, players that have a better Capitol can produce more gold bars — an essential currency used for paying taxes.

  3. Resource Buildings

    If players want to have raw materials to use for upgrading other buildings, then they’d first have to invest heavily into their resource buildings. These are necessary for the extraction and protection of resources from cases such as robbery. That’s right, it’s possible to get robbed in Total Battle. Building resources are typically used for the improvement and construction of buildings. It’s also used to restore defenses such as walls.

    To protect one’s resources from a potential robbery, players must raise their mining building levels. This will not only decrease the instances of having their building resources stolen, but it also allows them to protect more of their resources. At the start, only a part of the Warehouse is protected from looting by the armies of the enemy, but over time, players will have the chance to also upgrade and fortify their Warehouses. As to what the purpose of Warehouses are in Total Battle, they’re simply used to store resources. Their maximum storage capacity is determined by their level. This means that if players want to store more materials and resources, then they’ll have to upgrade their Warehouses first.

  4. The Forge

    No doubt players will find all sorts of materials around crypts, and what better way to turn those items into equipment by using the Forge? A variety of gear and armor can be created by the Forge which is why it’s typical to see players prioritizing it in terms of which should they upgrade first. By improving the Forge, it will allow players to create equipment with haste. Simply put, an upgraded Forge means a faster process of getting the weapons and armor that they need.


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