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The First Descendant: Mastery Rank Up Guide

Mastery Rank Up Guide in The First Descendant

Mastery Ranks are absolutely vital to progression, as not only do they unlock certain features in the game, but they also provide Module slots and capacity for your Descendants and weapons. There are many different ways to level your Mastery Rank up quickly, which we’ll discuss in this article.

What are Mastery Ranks?

As mentioned earlier, this is the game’s account-wide leveling progression system. These will help you mod out your Descendants and guns in order to increase their stat even further. This is leveled separately and gains experience differently. You will also unlock features and vendors in Albion as you climb higher in the ranks. Gaining Mastery ranks will greatly aid you with modding your new Descendants, as you’ll gain more mod capacity and even inventory space for materials, mods and Shape Stabilizers.

How do you gain experience for Mastery?

Unlike your characters and weapons, gaining experience only works beyond a certain threshold. In The First Descendant, every time you gain experience for the other progression systems like weapon proficiency and Descendant levels, part of it goes to your Mastery rank. This only goes as far as the level cap of the other stuff.

If you reach max level with your current Descendant and your guns, you’ll stop earning Mastery experience since there is nothing left to provide experience. The only way to progress further is by leveling another Descendant and other sets of guns. This is to incentivize trying out other Descendants beyond your favorites, as adding more characters to the roster will deepen your Mastery experience pool.

If you have reached max level with everything, it is best that you start farming for a new Descendant as this is the only way forward for gaining Mastery experience.

What is the best way to level Mastery?

Since this is tied to your Descendants and gear, the quickest way to gain XP for both at the same time is by doing the Special Operation in Kingston. Since this game mode is a wave-based defense mission, there will be large groups of adds that constantly spawn throughout each round. This is best done with a low-level Descendant with a party of high-level teammates, as XP is shared throughout the whole party. You will also gain a large sum of Gold and other materials for completing a set of rounds, further funding your crafting and upgrading ventures.

If you have all your current gear and Descendants leveled, another way to increase your Mastery rank is by completing missions like Infiltrations, as these provide a sizable boost to your Mastery rank, even if all your stuff is at max level.

Where can you increase your Mastery rank?

Once you are eligible for a Mastery rank increase, return to Albion and go left from the spawn point. It should be by the Prime Hands terminal that will allow you to level up.

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