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The First Descendant Kyle Guide: How to Farm and Best Build

The First Descendant Kyle Guide

In The First Descendant, Kyle is one of the best defense-oriented tanks in the game. His role is indispensable for parties that need him. So, in this article, we’ll look at the ways to farm for the best build for him.

Who is Kyle?

As the captain of the Construction Corps, Kyle oversaw the operations of the Corps’ two greatest pieces: The Spectral Digger in Agna Desert and the numerous outposts scattered throughout Ingris. The Spectral Digger ultimately changed the fate of Kyle and his crew, who he considered family. After its construction, Kyle and his crew celebrated with joy. However, that joy didn’t last long as they were ambushed by the Legion of Darkness, who killed all of Kyle’s team while he watched on in disbelief.

As bullets flew towards him, Kyle accepted his fate.

However, as fate would have it, the bullets never hit Kyle, instead stopping in place and falling at his feet. Once he realized what was happening, Kyle decided to keep his ability a secret from everyone at headquarters. Kyle retired from his work to cope with the loss of his beloved crew as he felt as though much of the responsibility for their deaths fell onto him.

Fate would have its own say though.

One of the alien races, the Vulgus, managed to get their hands on the Spectral Digger, hoping to extract the world’s powerful resources for themselves. Since the Spectral Digger mines for Kuiper, the Vulgus had in their hands one of the most coveted resources on the planet. After learning of this, Kyle jumped right into action, returning to HQ and pledging to become a Descendant.

Kyle must now reclaim the place where he and his teammates once celebrated, endured hardships, and experienced loss. To do that, he’ll have to eradicate the Vulgus with a vengeance. For him, being able to recover the bodies of his crew and pouring one out for them will be his tribute to them.

How to Unlock Kyle

Kyle can be purchased for Caliber, which is the premium currency in The First Descendant. However, he can also be unlocked for free. Here are the steps for unlocking Kyle.

  • Go to Magister Anais in Albion and take on the quest to research Kyle.
  • Obtain the following items: Kyle Enhanced Cells, Kyle Stabilizer, Kyle Spiral Catalyst, Kyle Code.
  • Return to Anais and begin the research.
  • Wait for 16 hours.

The total unlock cost for Kyle if you choose to do this route is around 600,000 Gold.


Kyle relies on taking damage and reflecting the absorbed damage to enemies. To do so, he must earn Magnetic Force which is the equivalent of mana. After earning Magnetic Force, Kyle has the option to use two of his skills that consume this resource: Magnetism Spurt or Superconductivity Thrusters. Meanwhile, to accumulate Magnetic Force, he has two active skills that recovers this resource: Repulsion Dash and Magnetic Bulwark. His passive, Experienced Technician, maximizes the gain of Magnetic Force since it pulls from his skills. This means that losing Magnetic Force will not be an issue unless the skills have a high cost.

Best Modules

  • Increased Shield: Increases Max Shield
  • Technician: Increases Skill Power
  • Increased HP: Increases Max HP
  • DEF Accelerant: Boosts DEF and Skill Duration. Perfect for Kyle.
  • Dual Claw: Increases Module Capacity and changes Sub Skill attack to dual claw attack. Can be exchanged for an attack module.
  • Nimble Fingers: Skill cooldown reduction.
  • Increased DEF: Boosts DEF stat.
  • Regeneration Boost: HP Recovery boost.
  • Skill Simplification: Skill Power boost at the cost of some Magnetic Force.
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