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How To Unlock Bunny and Her Skins in The First Descendant

Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant

The First Descendant is a new game released by Nexon (DNF Duel, Audition Online, MapleStory) for PC and console. The game features a mix of loot-grabbing and shooter genres similar to Warframe and Shatterline. It also has a diverse set of unlockable characters called Descendants that you can obtain from completing various objectives in the game. For this article, we will focus on one of the Descendants you can get early in the game: Bunny.

Who is Bunny?

Abandoned by her parents and raised by her grandmother, Bunny sought to answer questions about why her parents left. As she got older, her resolve made her conclude that she must not dwell on the past and move forward with what she has. By looking after her grandmother, Bunny tried to make ends meet by going for a life of crime: stealing military equipment. But her last exploit caused her major trouble.

Her desire to keep her only guardian live a comfortable life, Bunny decided to leave the past behind her and accept the military’s offer to become a Descendant.

Bunny’s Skills, Abilities, Equipment


  • Rabbit Foot (Passive) - Charges Electricity when moving. Deals damage to nearby enemies when landing after a Double Jump.
  • Thrill Bomb (Active) - Summons an Electro Orb to attack nearby enemies and inflict an Electrocute effect.
  • Light Speeding (Active) - Sprint Speed increases significantly and earns more Electricity.
  • Lightning Emission (Active) - Moving around deals damage to nearby enemies. Also inflicts Electrocute effect.
  • Maximum Power (Active) - Shoots electricity in a forward direction, dealing damage. Damage scales up relative to skill duration.

Exclusive Equipment

Biopower Conversion Device Suit – Allows Bunny to convert electricity stored in her body to become her weapon. In the lore, this device is a flawed project because the charged electricity gradually decreased when Bunny is not moving. This makes the suit a device that needs movement to maximize its benefits.

How to Unlock Bunny

Bunny appears very early in the game. To unlock her, you must follow these steps:

  • Go to The Fallen Theater and talk to Bunny.
  • Trigger the Bunny Research mission.
  • Go to Kingston and get the following items below.
  • Obtain Bunny Enhanced Cells from the Vulgus Field Generator mission.
  • Obtain Bunny Stabilizer from the Magister Lab mission.
  • Obtain Bunny Spiral Catalyst from the Vulgus Data Transmitter mission.
  • Obtain Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny. This is from the Slumber Valley mission located.
  • Defeat Grave Walker.
  • Go to Anais and research Bunny.
  • Bunny costs 400,000 gold, and the materials you obtained in Kingston.
  • Wait 1 minute and Bunny will be unlocked.

These are the main steps in obtaining Bunny. There are some steps along the way that are not listed, like area unlock(s). The whole process may take a minimum of one and a half hours.

All Current Skin Unlocks for Bunny

Each of the skins available for Bunny costs Caliber, which is the premium currency in The First Descendant. Caliber can be bought directly from the game store or obtained through the game’s battle pass system. Currently, the most expensive skin for Bunny costs 3,000 Caliber, while the cheapest is about 125 Caliber. Here is the complete list of available (and current) skin unlocks for Bunny:

  • Speed Awakened One Set – 1,900 Caliber
  • Albion Academy Cadet – 750 Caliber
  • Bunny’s Hyperdimensional Sprinter – 750 Caliber
  • Bunny Hair & Makeup 2 – 275 Caliber
  • Pink Cross – 225 Caliber
  • Speed Demon Hunter – 225 Caliber
  • New Attempt (Head Gear) - 125 Caliber
  • New Attempt (Body Suit) - 125 Caliber
  • Carrier (Head Gear) - 125 Caliber
  • Carrier (Body Suit) - 125 Caliber
  • Ultimate Bunny – Can be bought for 3,000 Caliber (most expensive exclusive skin) or be crafted by going to Anais in Albion to research the Ultimate Bunny. It requires Ultimate Bunny equivalents of Enhanced Cells, Stabilizer, Spiral Catalyst, and Code. You will also need 900,000 gold. This, on top of the 450,000 gold to research each of the Ultimate Bunny materials. This amounts to around 2.7 million gold.

You can also purchase the Panda Bundle or the Dinosaur Set which has Bunny as an option.

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