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The First Descendant: How To Farm For Gley

The First Descendant: How To Farm For Gley


Gley is a fast-paced fighter with lots of lifesteal, weapon damage buffs and even her own Unique Weapon skill. However, she requires a lot of materials to grind for in order to craft her individual components. This article will show you where to find the materials needed to research to obtain Gley for yourself.

Gley Code Location

This component has a fairly low drop chance but can also be easily farmed through the Void Intercept mode. The Gley Code can drop pretty early by farming the Grave Walker boss in this mode and selecting Amorphous Material Pattern 002 for a chance to drop this component.

Gley Enhanced Cells Material Locations

This component will require the following materials:

  • Monad Shards
    • Drops exclusively in the Kingston area.
  • Silicon
    • Drops exclusively in the Echo Swamp.
  • Cooling Metallic Foil
    • Drops in the White-night Gulch area from Encrypted Storage Boxes and Vaults.
  • Gley Enhanced Cells Blueprint
    • Drops from the Stunning Beauty boss, can be focused with Amorphous Material Pattern 012.

Gley Stabilizer Material Locations

For this component, you will need the following materials:

  • Metal Accelerant
    • Drops exclusively in the Sterile Land area.
  • Flectorite
    • Drops exclusively in the White-night Gulch area.
  • Complex Carbon Activator
    • Drops in the Echo Swamp area from the monsters in the missions Seed Vault and The Chapel.
  • Gley Stabilizer Blueprint
    • Drops in the Vespers area, from the Void Fusion Reactor activity.

Gley Spiral Catalyst Material Locations

Lastly, the following materials are needed to craft this component:

  • Nanopolymers
    • Drops exclusively in the Agna Desert area.
  • Ceramic Composite
    • Drops exclusively in the White-night Gulch area.
  • Synthesized Artificial Biometal
    • Drops in the Agna Desert area, from the Void Fusion Reactor activity.
  • Gley Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
    • Drops from the Hanged Man boss, can be focused using Amorphous Material Pattern 50..

Farming routes for regions

  • Start your farm in the Kingston area and break as many resource boxes and Munitions as you can for Monad Shards for an hour.
  • Go to the Echo Swamp and start farming for Silicon. Once you’re done, start farming either The Chapel or the Seed Vault missions in the area.
  • Head to the White-night Gulch area and farm for Ceramic Composite and Flectorite in the open world. After gathering enough materials, gather Cooling Metallic Foil in Encrypted Storage Boxes and Vaults nearby.
  • Your next stop is at the Agna Desert. Start farming for Nanopolymers in the open area while doing the Void Fusion Reactor activity at the same time to gather Synthesized Biometal.
  • Head to the Sterile Land area and start gathering Metal Accelerant from the open area.
  • The last stop is at the Vespers area, where you will need to farm the Void Fusion Reactor activity to obtain the blueprint for Gley’s Stabilizer Blueprint.

Farming routes for Void Intercepts

  • Start with the Grave Walker boss fight and keep fighting it until you get enough Amorphous Material Pattern 02 to roll for the Gley Code.
  • After receiving the Gley Code component, farm the Stunning Beauty boss fight to obtain Amorphous Material Pattern 012 and roll for the Gley Enhanced Cells blueprint.
  • Lastly, farm the Hanged Man boss after and select Amorphous Material Pattern 50 to roll for the Gley Spiral Catalyst blueprint.

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