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How To Beat The Devourer in The First Descendant

Defeat The Devourer in The First Descendant

The Devourer is considered by many players to be the gatekeeper to the endgame of The First Descendant. You’ll need your full attention to combat its lethal attacks and mechanics. Once you understand The Devourer’s boss fight, you can easily clear it, even when under-leveled and slightly under-geared. This guide will talk about how you can prepare for the fight and execute it right.

Loadouts, Mods, and Best Descendants

Every Void Intercept boss comes with an elemental affinity. This means that they are resistant to the element they wield while also being extremely weak to others. Exploiting a boss’s element will go a long way in clearing the fight faster. The Devourer, in particular, uses Toxic as its main element, and its biggest vulnerability is Electricity.

The best Descendants to bring for this fight is Bunny for DPS, Ajax for tanking, and Yujin for healing. Bunny’s fourth skill which deals pure electric damage will really pack a punch in this fight. And since you want to focus on countering the toxic element, be sure to also use weapons with slot in modules with Shock damage to deal extra damage to The Devourer. As for your Descendant modules, stack as much Toxic Resistance as possible since its Toxic attacks also have a damage over time effect.

The Devourer’s Weakspots

The weak points are located at its kneecaps, the diamond on its chest, its shoulders, and the thin sensors on its head. Once the armor of any of its weak spots is destroyed, it will be stunned for a short duration, giving you and your team time to destroy its other weakspots.

Boss mechanics

One of the boss’s main attacks is a toxic missile barrage that fires at a random player. These will leave behind toxic crystals that deal damage over time. Make sure to run to cover as soon as the boss targets you. Ajax can ignore this attack by placing a bubble shield when the attack goes through.

When The Devourer’s shield is broken, it will enter its immunity phase. A group of Symbiote enemies will be placed around the arena, granting it a barrier. While there are Symbiotes in the arena, the boss will begin to heal rapidly. Meanwhile, all players will be targeted by an artillery strike from the boss, which hits three times. Dodgeroll through these and start shooting the Symbiotes with your heavy ammo weapons and abilities as fast as you can. You and your teammates must destroy all Symbiotes to continue damaging the Devourer.

Another one of its more lethal attacks is the toxic orbs that appear on the ground and split into smaller projectiles that scatter around the arena. This is telegraphed by the boss reeling its whole body back and crossing its arms afterward. You can avoid this by double jumping over the projectiles or grappling to higher ground when this attack goes through.

If a player gets too close, it will perform a slam attack, which also leaves behind a damaging toxic pool.

Devourer strategies

  • One way to consistently stun the boss is by shooting a weakspot until it turns yellow. Once it does, grapple towards that weakspot and melee it to knock the boss on its knees and delay the Symbiote mechanic for a bit.
  • Shotguns are ideal for this boss as Symbiotes will have a dome around themselves that blocks all shots from the outside.
  • Everyone in the team should pick one Symbiote and divide and conquer. This way, players can spend less time destroying them one by one and shorten the immunity phase.

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