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The First Descendant Gold and Kuiper Farm Guide

Gold and Kuiper Farming Guide for The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, it is inevitable that you will be spending lots of Gold and Kuiper Shards to fuel your endgame activities. Whether for researching Descendants and Ultimate weapons or upgrading your modules and reactors, this is a resource intensive venture. Since the game constantly updates with new characters and gear, many players will need to stockpile these currencies to experience new content. In this guide, we will talk about some farming methods and where you can start.

Where do Gold and Kuiper Shards drop from?

These currencies can be obtained by killing mobs anywhere in the game. For each kill, there is a chance that they can drop either Gold or Kuiper Shards. Usually, they drop in small quantities, around 1000+ Gold and 40-50 Kuiper Shards. Considering that researching a single Descendant component costs 200,000 Gold and completing the Descendant costs 400,000 Gold, players will need to kill a ton of enemies to afford just one character.

As for Kuiper Shards, upgrading a single Module will cost upwards of 50,000 or more to max out its stats. Since Modules are a core aspect of your weapon and Descendant’s power, you will need to sink in a lot of time farming this currency.

Best Raw Gold and Kuiper Shard Farm

In terms of drop frequency, the best game mode to earn these currencies is the Special Operations missions. In particular, the Resource Defense mission in Kingston is by far the most optimal place to farm.

In Resource Defense, you and your team must defend a resource extractor from waves of enemies. Each wave has a 2-minute timer, in which groups of enemies will spawnfrequently. Within those 2 minutes, a team with excellent AoE damage like Bunny, Valby, Lepic and Jayber can kill massive groups of enemies, effectively giving you a massive yield of Gold and Kuiper Shards. This is also a decent source of Amorphous Material Patterns if you ever need to farm for specific Descendant components in their reward pool.

Do note that as the waves get higher, the more difficult the enemy groups become. They will gain more health, damage, and defensive stats until the final wave.

Best Currency and Upgrade Material Farm

While this farm isn’t as crazy efficient for the currencies, this specific mission can drop a ton of loot for you to either farm for god rolls or dismantle them for upgrade materials.

This mission is in the Sterile Land region, Rockfall area. The mission, called “Anticipated Ambush Point,” is currently the fastest one to clear, especially when grouped up with a team. This farm must be done on Hard mode, but due to the enemies being fairly weak even on Hard, this can net you a lot of high-level loot for you to equip or dismantle.

There are also a couple of resource boxes near this mission where you can farm for Metal Accelerant and Superfluid materials if you’re ever in need of those for certain Descendant or Ultimate Weapon crafting.

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