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The First Descendant Bunny Guide: How to Farm for Best Build

How to Farm for Best Build

Bunny is one of the most popular characters in The First Descendant. Her fast-paced play and energetic personality captivated players, not to mention her exclusive skins have been the talk of the town. In this article, we will look at the best builds and loadouts for Bunny.


Who is Bunny?

After being abandoned by her parents, Bunny was raised by her grandmother. As Bunny grew up, her mission was to find out why she was abandoned. When she realized that the pursuit of answering that question was futile, she resolved to live her life in the present. To make ends meet, and to help her grandmother, she turned to a life of crime by stealing important military equipment which she sold for money.

In one of her hits, she came across volatile equipment: grenades. As she tried to escape, she soon found herself in a fuel depot that had a faulty circuit breaker. In the midst of a tussle with the police, the grenades Bunny stole started malfunctioning. It was here that Bunny realized she was in danger. Complicating matters was the appearance of her grandmother at the scene, greatly distressed the troublemaker. By some miracle, Bunny’s power awakened and caused all electrical equipment in the scene to stop functioning. This, however, nearly cost her life. Unable to move for months, Bunny recovered and was offered a stable job by being a Descendant. She now lives her life doing something that will not make her grandmother worry.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Bunny has some strengths and weaknesses that totally depend on what gameplay you want. For those who prefer a fast-paced melee DPS character, who relies on purely offensive moves with some area-of-effect debuffs and damage, then Bunny is the perfect character for you. However, because of the common disadvantages of melee characters—being near enemies, needing constant repositioning, and relatively low health—Bunny might not be the ideal character. Still, getting her gives you an option for offensive strategies.

How to Unlock Bunny

Bunny is one of the first Descendants you will encounter and unlock in the game. In about an hour of playing time, I got to take on her quest. Here are the requirements to unlock Bunny:

  • Speak with Magister Anais to trigger the quest to research Bunny (“Bunny Crafting Training”)
  • Obtain the following materials in Kingston: Bunny Enhanced Cells, Bunny Stabilizer, Bunny Spiral Catalyst, and Bunny Code.
  • Finish one mod and one Void Battle before going back to Anais.
  • Return to Anais and start the research.

You will need 100,000 Gold to research Bunny, on top of at most 800,000 Gold for obtaining the materials in Kingston.

How to Play Bunny

Since Bunny needs to move around to gain an upper hand, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the map and her movements. This also gives her electrical charges through her passive Rabbit Foot that stack until a Thrill Bomb is used. The damage of Thrill Bomb will depend on how many electrical charges Bunny has accumulated. Rabbit Foot deals damage after landing a double jump.

Her skills, namely Thrill Bomb and Lightning Emission, also grant area-of-effect through the Electrocute status. This deals damage over time and debuffs to movement.

Her Maximum Power skill also scales in proportion to the electricity charges she has accumulated. This also has a damage scaling that increases in relation to the skill duration: the longer the skill is activated, the higher the damage output. Use this to your advantage.

In terms of defensive strategies, Bunny has very little options aside from her maneuvering around the map. Being a purely offense-centered character, her greatest defense is how she can maximize her electric charges to attack and neutralize enemies.

Best Bunny Build and Loadout

Best Modules:

  • Nimble Fingers: Equip this module to reduce skill cooldown.
  • Electric Master: Increases skill power, and Electric skill power.
  • Electric Specialist: Increases skill power
  • Electric Charge: Increases landing damage after Rabbit Foot Double Jump, this also deals increased damage after hitting enemies with the skill consecutively.
  • Electric Condense: Maximum Power transforms into an area-of-effect that deals damage around Bunny.
  • Electric Transition: This is a Bunny exclusive It decreases Electricity Charge amount during Speed of Light but recovers Shield in proportion to the distance traveled.
  • Shock Punch: Increase Max Module capacity.
  • Strong Mentality: Decreases skill resource cost.
  • Increased DEF: Increases defense.
  • Increase HP: Increases max HP.
  • Conservation Maximization: Reduces skill cost and skill power modifier.

Best Reactors:

Tingling Reactors (either Singular or Fusion) can greatly augment Bunny’s skills and overall performance.

Best Weapons

Bunny’s best weapon, and for a reason, is the Thunder Cage Submachine Gun. This weapon is like bread-and-butter. Bunny cannot go into battle without it.

This weapon also gives the Overcharge area-of-effect. When an enemy is defeated, they unleash a shockwave that deals firearm damage to nearby enemies of up to 3 meters, dealing additional damage. This means more area-of-effect damage while boosting the firearm damage.

As for its modifications, you can choose to have its fire rate up, or increase its performance. The Electric Conductor mod is essential.

You can also get a Nazeistra’s Devotion for close quarters, if your skills are on cooldown. This weapon has a unique ability, Fanaticism, which deals a shield recovery for an ally. This is triggered when an enemy is inflicted with a Devotion Mark after being hit in its Weak Point.

For long range encounters, the Afterglow Sword is recommended. It is one of the best ranged weapons in the game. Its unique attribute, Nightmare Reaper, increases critical hit rate once a target is marked by Death Propagation.

Tips and Strategies

  • Always be on the move. Gaining and stacking Electricity charges is the core of Bunny’s gameplay. Speed of Light (Skill 2) will always be your active skill to use. When idle, Electricity is slowly consumed.
  • Get the Thunder Cage Submachine Gun ASAP.
  • Maximum Power is preferable for bosses.
  • Lightning Emission (Skill 3) can be “chained” to Speed of Light to escape and gain Electricity. After gaining Electricity, you can use Thrill Bomb to nuke enemies.
  • Rabbit Foot and Speed of Light go together. Since Electricity is charged according to distance traveled, Speed of Light hastens this process.
  • Double Jump + Thrill Bomb is another combo you should learn.

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