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The Cycle: Frontier Moneymaking Guide

The Cycle: Frontier Moneymaking

The Cycle: Frontier is a Player vs Player vs Environment (PvPvE) game where players explore Fortuna III, an alien world riddled with vicious wildlife and ravaged by a strong storm every now and then. In the game, players are prospectors that raid Fortuna III for its valuable resources. Players will have to fend off alien wildlife and other prospectors if they hope to bring back whatever they loot. This The Cycle: Frontier Moneymaking Guide will help them do just that. 

Before raiding Fortuna III of its resources, prospectors need to be equipped with the tools they need in order to survive and carry the materials they find. Weapons, Armor, and Backpacks are a must for every prospector. Weapons are needed to fight the wildlife that will attack or players that are looking to steal all your loot. Armor is a player’s protection against damage while the Backpack is needed to carry all the materials a player finds in Fortuna III.

All of these are essential for any prospector looking to venture to the alien world. New prospectors will be provided with the lowest quality gear at the start, but in order to venture into more dangerous territory, better gear is needed. And for that, players will need the most important currency in the game: K-Marks.

What are K-Marks?

Krypto Marks, often referred to as K-Marks, is one of the currencies available in The Cycle: Frontier alongside Aurum and Salvage Tokens. K-Marks are the most important currency in the game because they are used for most things in the game. First of all, all items in the faction shops and the quick shops can be purchased with K-Marks. Essential items like Weapons and Armor can only be bought with K-Marks.

K-Marks are also used in crafting, which is another way to obtain items. Crafting items will require specific materials and K-marks. It will also take time before crafted items are finished, and players can use K-Marks or Aurum to speed up the process. Same goes with upgrading the K-Mark and Aurum Generators in the Player’s Quarters.

K-Marks are a prospector’s lifeline. Running out of K-Marks will be a problem since the important items for going into Fortuna III are bought using K-Marks. In this guide, we will explore the ways of getting K-Marks, as well as a few tips.

Lucky for players, the game is generous with its K-Marks. The game gives a good amount of K-Marks at the start. These will be enough to give players what they need, and a little bit extra just in case they fail on their first few ventures. In this The Cycle: Frontier moneymaking guide, we will show players the different ways to get K-Marks. Here are some of them:

Faction Quests and Jobs

In the game, there are three factions that contribute to the survival of the Prospector Station, the spaceship where players will be staying when they are not on Fortuna III. These factions are the ICA, Korolev, and Osiris. Each faction will have its own room in the Prospector Station. Inside the room of each faction is a shop, and the faction’s leader.

The faction leaders will have quest lines for players to follow. Quest lines will have varying numbers of parts, and each part will have its own objectives as well as rewards, K-Marks being one of them. Finishing an entire quest line will reward a hefty sum of K-Marks to a player.

Finishing quests also grant players reputation towards that faction. Once a player’s faction reputation reaches a certain level, they will unlock faction fobs. Each Faction will offer up to three jobs at a time, and players can accept as much as they want, but new jobs will only be available upon completion of another job. Jobs reward players with K-Marks, Faction Scrips, and Faction Reputation points.

Selling Items

The main gameplay for The Cycle: Frontier is venturing into the world of Fortuna III and gathering resources while trying to survive the environment, wildlife, and other players. Most items that players gather during their runs in Fortuna III can be sold for K-Marks in the shops around the Prospector Station. Each item will have a price, and the rarer the item is, the more K-Marks it will give when sold.

K-Marks Generator

In The Cycle: Frontier, players will get to have their own room called the Player’s Quarters. Here, players can access the K-Marks Generator, Insurance Package, Supply Crate, and Aurum Generator. These devices generate passive currency for players.

The Cycle: Frontier can be a very punishing game. It will be hard to earn K-Marks if players don’t plan ahead. This The Cycle: Frontier moneymaking guide will help players keep the K-Marks coming. Here are a few things that players can take note of to earn more.

Play smart and focus on surviving

The game is about survival. Any loot that players gather won’t mean anything if they don’t survive. In order to make it out alive, players need to be careful. Walking is the better option of getting around as opposed to running. Walking makes less noise, attracting less attention and enabling players to hear their surroundings better.

Sneak around the wildlife. Unless you need materials that are dropped by the creatures in Fortuna III, it’s better to just leave them be. In case you do need those materials, weaker enemies can be killed with a heavy attack of the knife. Just like walking, this makes less noise and doesn’t alert enemies of your presence. If ever there is a need to use guns, make sure to reposition after the fight to avoid players coming.

Going on economy runs

Players can opt to go for economy runs if their funds are running low. They can go into Fortuna III and loot whatever they can then safely make it out. They can then sell all the materials they have collected for quick money.

The best materials to sell are ores like Veltecite or Nickel. Mining nodes are scattered throughout the map. Players might even find one on their way to their target area. Each ore will have different states that have different values. Players can opt to go for mining runs where they search only for mining nodes and then safely make it out to sell all the ores they have collected.

The Jungle is a dangerous area in Bright Sands but has a large concentration of Focus Crystal veins, which yield Focus Crystals that fetch for 1,000 K-Marks each. Going for the Jungle is risky but it will yield a good profit if players manage to make it out alive.

Try finishing the faction quests as soon as you can

The Faction quests are great sources of K-Marks. There are a lot of quest lines available for players and finishing them will fetch a good amount of K-Marks. They often require players to visit areas or deliver certain items. Not only do quests reward K-Marks, but also Faction Reputation points and sometimes, gear. Finishing quests give players much-needed progress in the game, so it’s best to get them done as soon as possible.

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