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Hi guys,
Reason i sell my account is i don't have much spare time to play it. The account has never banned before, its all clean. Send me message if you are interrested, ill reply asap it might take a while though. Here are some informations about my account; 
Some Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/98md6 
Agni: Infernal, Swagni, Volcanic, Curse Agni, VP
Ah Muzen Cab: Dark Whisperer, Killer Bee, Nutcromancer, VP
Amaterasu: Shining Heaven, VP
Anhur: Olympian, Shadow, Star Slayer, VP, Clap, Furious, Wave, Diamond Skin
Anubis: Afterlife, Convention 2016, Gravehound, Stargazer, VP
Ao Kuang: Dragon King, Dragon Knight, Tempest, VP
Aphrodite: Afro-Dite, Beach Babe, Diva, VP
Apollo: Elite Agent, Slickshot, Team Solomid, VP, Clap, Wave, Diamond Skin
Arachne: Black Widow, Grim Weaver, VP, Clap, Wave, Diamond Skin, Legendary Skin, Golden Skin
Ares: Destroyer, Diamond Sword, Soldier of Fortune, VP
Artemis: Convention 2012, Primal Huntress, Stalker, Wrangler, VP
Athena: High Counselor, Liberté, Red Star, VP
Awilix: Blood Moon, Renegade, VP
Bacchus: Brynhildr, Father Chrismash, Regal Reveler, The King, VP
Bakasura: Death Machine, Feaster Bunny, Rage, Ravenous, VP, Golden Skin
Bastet: Covert Ops, Dominatrix, Kawaii Pop, VP
Bellona: Battle Maiden, Furiona, SPL 2016, Torment, VP
Cabrakan: Gamma Slam, Nerd Rage, Rampage, VP
Chaac: Boom Chac-A-Laka, Hailstorm, Slaughterhouse, VP, Clap, Wave
Chang'e: Bright Moon, Lunar Tango, Moonlight Love, Sun's Bride, VP, Clap, Wave
Chiron: Chevalier, Hellrider, VP
Chronos: Father Time, Super Chronos 64, VP
Cupid: Bizzy B, Lil' Devil, Lucky Baby Fuwa, VP, Clap, Furious, Wave, Diamond Skin, Legendary Skin, Golden Skin
Erlang Shen: -
Fafnir: -
Fenrir: Frostfang, Lord Slashington III, Metal Carnage, Ragnarok, Wreck The Halls, VP, Legendary Skin
Freya: All For One, Frost Maiden, Pixel Buster, Valkyrie, VP
Geb: G.E.B. 1, Life's a Beach, Molten Fury, VP, Wave, Clap, Save the Earth, Diamond Skin
Guan Yu: Convention 2014, Master Guan Fu, VP
Hades: Bloodfire, Classic Hades, Soul Taker, VP
He Bo: Cascade, He Bro, Infinity Wave, The Sydney Shredder, VP
Hel: Jingle Hel, Solstice, Sugar and Spice, VP, Clap, Wave, Diamond Skin, Legendary Skin, Golden Skin
Hercules: Retrocules, Derpcules, Grand Slam, Hunkules, La Roca, Lion of Olympus, VP
Hou Yi: Iron Crow, Moon's Groom, Sunbreaker, VP
Hun Batz: Shaolin Monkey, Space Monkey, VP
Isis: Desert Omen, Scarlet Coven, Shadow, VP
Izanami: -
Janus: Ba5S Drop, Gatekeeper, Jandroid, VP, Clap, Wave, Furious, Dance, Diamond Skin
Jing Wei: -
Kali: Convention 2013, Crimson Death, Skaliwag, Trophy Hunter, VP
Khepri: Horned Beetle, Shadow, Steel Scrab, VP
Kukulkan: Kuku, Sacred Dragon, Void Wyrim, VP
Kumbhakarna: Kumbhalayan Yeti, Pajama Party, VP
Loki: Grim Mariachi, Infiltrator, SSSLighter, White Death, VP
Medusa: Idusa, Mortal Coil, VP
Mercury: Prizefighter, Quicksilver, Run.exe, Shaolin Fury, VP, Golden Skin, Legendary Skin
Ne Zha: Cyberpunk, VP
Neith: Buccaneith, Carnaval Queen, Harajuku, Mischievous, Ms.Diagnosis, VP, Clap, Wave, Diamond Skin
Nemesis: AFK, Blind Vengeance, Executioner, VP
Nox: Grim Shadow, Madame Darkness, VP
Nu Wa: Nice and Naughty, Nu Horizons, Water Dancer, VP
Odin: Daimyodin, Mountain Man, The Huntsman, VP
Osiris: Frankenhotep, The Re-Animated, VP
Poseidon: Dreadbeard, King of Deep, The Earthshaker, VP, Clap, Wave, Diamond Skin
Ra: Alienware, Ra'merica, Solar Eclipse, Solar Sentinel, Sunstar, VP, Clap, Wave
Raijin: - , VP
Rama: Orbital Strike, Valiant One, VP
Ratatoskr: Flurry, Ragnatoskr, VP, Clap, Wave
Ravana: King of the Ring, Rock from Bisrakh, VP
Scylla: Child's Play, COG Scylla, Daisy Despair, Lil' Red, Tiny Terror, VP, Clap, Wave, Special
Serqet: Desert Queen, Dread Queen, Madame Blade, Venom, VP
Skadi: - , VP
Sobek: Crikeydile, Death Dealer, High Seas, Kaiju, VP, Diamond Skin
Sol: Polaris, Soulless Machine, VP, Clap, Wave
Sun Wukong: Dark Lord, Heavenly Warlord, Silver Rage, VP
Susano: -
Sylvanus: DR. Vanus, Permafrost, Season's Spirit, VP, Clap, Wave, Diamond Skin
Terra: -
Thantos: Archon, Jack the Reaper, Soul Harvester, VP
Thor: Blood Eagle, Heavy Metal, Ragnarok Force X, Righteous Hammer, Shadow, Wrath of Valhalla, VP
Tyr: Convention 2015, Dark Judgement, King Ar-Tyr, Privatyr, Shadow, Sock Pupetyr, VP, Clap, Wave
Ullr: Berserker, Strider, The Survivor, VP, Clap, Wave, Diamond Skin
Vamana: Cangaceiro, Divine Protector, Lil' Mana, VP
Vulcan: Sentry, Warforged, VP, Clap, Wave, Furious, Diamond Skin
Xbalanque: Jaguar Footballer, Jungle Beast, Shinoblanque, SPL 2015(EU), SPL 2015(NA), VP, Clap, Wave, Diamond Skin
Xin Tian: Siege Engine, VP
Ymir: Cacodemon, Digi-Ymir 9000, Irezumir, Nucler Winter, Obsidian Shard, VP, Clap, Wave, Dance, Diamond Skin
Zeus: Almighty, Stormbringer, SWC 2016, Uncle Zeus, Wrath of Olympus, VP
Zhong Kui: Demon Catcher, G.I. Zhong, VP
VP* Voice Pack 
Ward Skins: AFK, Air Support, All Seing Eyes, Bobblehead Apollo, Box Cat, Brain in the Jar, Chinese Firecracker, Curse, Denton Balloon, Fwuffy Manticore, Goldie, Grim Gaze, He Loves Me Not, Jungle Gnome, Lightning Bolt, Lucky Cat Ward, Meenakashi Amman Temple, Moai, Mr. Cactus, Peeper, Quetzalcatyl, Saci, Satellite, Shinito Shrine, Snowman, Sphinx, Spring Ward, Squiddle, SWC 2016, Sword in the Stone, Temple of Athena Nike, Temple of Confucius, Temple of Kukulkan, The Colosseum, The Visitors, Treasure Chest, Viking Raider, We are the Ward, Wind Dancer, You've got Mailbox
Icons: #AlliedStrong, Beta Tester, Cemetery Awaits, Chinese Pantheon, Curse, Cutesy Thor, Diamond Sword, 70 God Mastery, Blood Eagle, Dragon Boat Festival, Egyptian Pantheon, Epic SWC, Escape, Fall Harvest, France, Gears, Ginger Beardman, Greek Pantheon, Hel if i Know, Hindu Pantheon, International 2014, Jack o Latern, Japanese Pantheon, Lizard Eye, Lunar New Year, Mayan Pantheon, Mesoamerican Ballgame, Music Note, Never Surrender, Norse Pantheon, Pirate Flag, Pre-s Conquest Gold, Pyramid, Ramerica, Ratatoskr, Remeber the Manticore, Roman Pantheon, S1 Conquest Bronze 5, S1 Conquest Gold 5, S2 Zonquest Platinium, S2 Joust Platinium, Sakura TV, Screaming Mouth, Sestertious Coin, Sharky, Sky Dragon, Snowman, Thanatos Scythe, Tiermonster eye, Trapped, Turkey, Valantine, Which came first?, Whoose gonna win
Announcer Packs: Bart Announcer Pack, DM Announcer Pack, Drybear Announcer Pack, Hinduman Announcer Pack, Inuki Announcer Pack, Khepri Announcer Pack, Mezmoreyez Announcer Pack, Nox Announcer Pack, Swagni Announcer Pack
Loading Frames: 2015 World Championship, 2016 Season Ticket Frame, Beserker Platinium Conquest, Beserker Platinium Joust, Japanese Frame, Season Ticket 2015, Winter Holidays
Pedestals: Beat-Box, Kiddie Pool, Smite World Championship 2015
Global Emotes: Chinese Lantern, Fireworks, Goog Game, RIP, SWC Fireworks
Music Themes: From the Nether, Japanese Theme, Ragnarok Force X Theme
+ 74 God Masteries, 16 Diamond God and Diamond Skins
+ 9297 Favor
+ 393 Gems
+ S3 Theme 6435 PTS

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