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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Sell WoW Items Online Securely

For World of Warcraft fanatics getting their hands on WoW items means everything. If you have rare legendary WoW items and you wish to sell them fast and earn money, then sign up with Player Auctions. We are looking for all kinds of Mounts & Gear

PlayerAuctions is a trusted and a reputed MMOG (Massively Multi-player Online Games) assets buying and selling global marketplace. We have over 300 MMO games in our marketplace and close thousands of orders every month.

Sell WoW Items with PlayerAuctions Securely

If you are worried about becoming a victim of payment fraud when selling WoW items over the web, then it’s time you took a sigh of relief. PlayerAuctions takes care of all your worries! We provide sellers UNPARALLED PROTECTION from Payment Frauds. Here’s how:

We have developed PlayerGuardian, our powerful and proprietary security technology that provides unmatched protection to all players, payments and trades. With us, sellers enjoy complete protection against payment frauds and chargebacks. This technology is based on the security systems and best practices at Itemmania in Korea, the worldwide leader in the DA (digital asset) exchange industry.

How does it Work?

Our registered sellers sell WoW items directly to the fellow players/buyers. To provide a secure trading environment to both sides, buyers at PlayerAuctions don’t send their payments directly to you. Instead, their payments are received by us. It is secured by PlayerGuardian.

Once the payment is received, you are then asked to deliver the item to the buyer. We wait for the buyer to confirm product delivery. Once the item is successfully delivered, we promptly disburse the payment to you as per your disbursement schedule.

This process provides sellers unparalleled protection from payment frauds. Before you deliver WOW items to the buyer, we confirm that the payment has been received. This spares you from doubts and stress whether the buyer will pay you timely or not or is trying to scam you.

Furthermore, through PlayerGuardian, we conduct rigorous security screening. We oversee and monitor security aspects of all on-site operations, right from the beginning when a player registers with us to order placement and payment disbursement.

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