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Interested in selling WoW gold? Wondering whether or not to sell it over the web? Worried about payment frauds? If yes, then say goodbye to your worries. Sign up with PlayerAuctions and sell WoW gold with confidence and peace of mind.

We take pride in being recognized as the world’s safest and secure player to player trading marketplace to buy and sell Massively Multi-player Online Game Assets. At PlayerAuctions, we strive to enhance and upgrade our security standards by every passing year.

To provide sellers a fraud-free marketplace to sell WoW gold, we follow rigorous screening processes and use our powerful and proprietary security technology, PlayerGuardian, to its full advantage. Our level of confidence in our security technology can be easily gauged by our 100% protection guarantee against payment frauds and chargebacks and full responsibility for handling any fraudulent payment.

PlayerGuardian- Our Powerful Proprietary Security Technology

PlayerGuardian is our security technology developed in accordance with the security systems and procedures at Itemmania, the worldwide leader in the digital asset exchange industry. This technology was developed to provide our registered sellers unprecedented protection against frauds in the international markets.

Being an MMO game asset industry player, we recognized that this rapidly growing multi-dollar industry lacked proper and secure payment methods for digital assets. The high rates of frauds across the industry posed threats to potential traders and what was worse was that impacted players had no recourse available to settle the cases. Keeping this under consideration, we developed PlayerGuardian technology.

How it Works?

Sellers on PlayerAuctions sell directly to buyers but payments are managed by PlayerAuctions through PlayerGuardian. The buyer sends the payment to us. The payment is secured by PlayerGuardian. Once we receive the payment, we inform the seller to deliver the items. This ensures the seller that the payment is made. After we receive delivery confirmation from the buyer, the payment is transferred to the seller according to the disbursement schedule.

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