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In World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic, there are many ways to make money. Not just WoW gold, but real-life money. Players that have the time, patience, knowledge in how items are obtained, and the means that allow them faster and more easily than the rest of the player base occasionally decide to start selling WoW TBC Classic items. 

Why Gamers Start Selling WoW TBC Classic Items

For a lot of players, there are certain hurdles to getting certain items, especially those that they want. The most common would be the time needed to get them, even with the items that are sure to be obtained after a particular task or a series of it. This is true even with materials that have to be gathered and items obtained via crafting, especially those that has to be mass-produced such as consumables.

Speaking of which, while players can take up professions in order to create the items that they want or need, they don’t have the time and need the item in question right away. Another likely reason for not doing so is their lack of patience and willingness to go through the tedious leveling process of a profession they don’t like – a very understandable sentiment.

Another is the RNG. Many items, especially rare ones, such as weapons and armor, mounts, and pets, have a rather low chance of dropping from a specific enemy. The sheer amount of luck and therefore time needed to get them drive most players to just buy them from the Auction House.

Even then, there are those that either do not have a lot of WoW gold or do not want to spend it on their items. Whichever of these reasons the players have, this is where item sellers step in. With their offers, these players can get the items they want or need right away for a price.

Setting Prices on WoW TBC Classic Items

While sellers have the freedom to set their offers at any price they want, they will usually look at the price being set by other sellers, or the worth of the item in gold in order to stick to community-accepted pricing. 

Sellers might also check out value calculators for items, as well as other seller’s prices. This way, they can gauge what price they’ll put on a particular item while making sure that they still profit from it.

Which WoW TBC Classic Items Gamers Sell

Burning Crusade introduces a lot of new items, making it a good time for sellers to start putting up offers. The first items that will be in demand are the items from Vanilla WoW that will greatly help with the grinding and questing once the expansion has been rolled out.

The next one would be weapons and armor. With new zones, dungeons, raids, which in turn means new monsters and bosses, more powerful Legendary, Epic, and Rare gear that will be introduced in the expansion are going to be mainstay wares.

Another constant bestseller are mounts. For those whose first foray in WoW is Classic or have been playing so long they’ve forgotten which expansion brought which change, one of the biggest developments in Burning Crusade for this particular set of items are flying mounts.

Examples of these include the Raven Lord and the Swift White Hawkstrider. Another is the Flying Machine and the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, which is an epic version of the mount.

Also, although they are not the highlight, there will still be those looking for land mounts. Examples of those are the Headless Horseman’s and Attuman the Huntsman’s Steed, as well as the Swift Brewfest Kodo and Ram. 

Pets are also going to be quite the catch in the Burning Crusade, especially those introduced in the expansion.

  • Abyssius – dropped by Supremus, this magic and golem-like pet is colored a beautiful blue
  • Chaos Pup – despite the name, it does not have any canine traits. Nevertheless, many players want this two-headed pet because of its strange looks and its contributions to combat.
  • Coilfang Stalker – a strange, jellyfish-like companion, players can only get this one from the Naga queen Lady Vashj, making it worth a lot.

Consumables and crafted items will be in-demand for reasons previously stated. On the other hand, there are those that practice their profession and therefore will not want crafted items. Instead, they will look for someone selling materials and recipes, including Jewelcraft recipes. There will also be those that want attunements, allowing them to cut the supposedly necessary but long series of quests needed to get them.  

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