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Why Selling WoW Classic TBC Gold Helps Other Players

Believe it or not, some players are having a hard time trying to get gold for World of Warcraft Classic. Especially with The Burning Crusade going underway, gamers have very little time to prepare and stock up. What’s more, there’s the issue of the level of inflation that’s been plaguing several servers of Classic. Gold grinding will always be in Classic, and with many gamers transitioning over to the Burning Crusade expansion, it’s safe to say that the gold farming methods will be carried on over as well; however, Blizzard promises players that they won’t be experiencing the same, dull grinding that they did in the original game. Instead, they’ll be implementing certain changes so that the players will be able to get the currency more effectively and without having to resort to extreme methods.

Changes in The Burning Crusade Classic to Help Players Get TBC Gold

The experience in TBC will vastly differ from what players knew from the past. Don’t forget--The Burning Crusade was the first expansion for World of Warcraft back when it was first released in the early 2000s. Players, especially the ones who have played around with the original expansion back then, assume that they already know what to expect. To their surprise, the modern makeover of TBC added in new features, optimized changes, and a much-welcomed facelift when compared to its past self. The best part is that players can now have an easier time getting gold! Classic has always lacked ways to get a steady income, resulting in some classes getting pretty hamstrung. There was always a dominant class that towered above the rest thanks to its prowess and ability to get more gold. Fortunately, that’s not going to happen to Classic’s first expansion. Players will be happy to know that there will be always a steady stream of income for players in The Burning Crusade especially for players that have lots of characters in their in-game account.

How to Acquire Gold in TBC

  1. Daily Quests

    The introduction of daily quests to The Burning Crusade is a godsend to many players. Not only they’ll be able to get gold more easily, but there are over 45 daily quests to do as well. The daily quests are rather short and easy to finish, making it a lighter load for players to carry should they plan on doing them at a streak. Granted, the gold that a player gets from the dailies is much smaller when compared to doing dungeons, but those take a lot of time and they’ll also have to have strong gear. To put it simply, daily quests are more accessible to everyone--even beginners and gamers who are just starting their first playthrough in TBC can easily get into it.

  2. Prioritize Certain Skills

    There are several skills that players ought to prioritize if they want to be able to earn gold as quickly as possible. These are Leatherworking, Alchemy, and Jewelcrafting. Leatherworking has always been a great skill to upgrade especially for players who like to go on raids. This is due to them being able to craft Rugged Leather, a material that’s often used by raiders. Other leather items are fine as well to mix things up. Players that focus on Alchemy, on the other hand, can concoct various potions that can be used to alter or enhance their character. These include potions, elixirs, and flask that’s made using a cauldron. The supply for the materials used to make them is fairly low, which in turn, makes the prices of the consumables high. Last but not least, Jewelcrafting is the art of making gems. The gems that a player who excels in the Jewelcrafting profession can fetch for a high price, specifically the ones that utilize the Mythril Ore.

  3. Profession-based Quests

    Quests that highlight a certain profession are a way to earn gold while increasing a player’s skill at the same time. These type of quests are typically handed out by an NPC that excel in a specific skill (such as Cooking and Fishing) every day. The quest that the player gets from these NPCs is random, so they never know what they’re going to get. It’s worth noting though that the profession-based quests have a requirement that the player needs to hurdle through first. For example, if they want to do a Cooking-related quest, then they’ll have at least 275 skill points on their Cooking skill and their character should be level 70 or higher. Before diving straight into these types of quests, players should see the list of requirements beforehand and if they qualify to undergo the tasks that the NPC will hand out to them.

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