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Selling Information

About WoW Class / Race Compatibility

Sellers might find that some classes with certain races sell better than other combinations. That’s because there is a preferred race when playing that class. It means that a race’s unique abilities and traits boost the effectiveness or efficacy of certain class skills. If sellers want to maximize profit, this is something to think about.

Here are the preferred races for each class:

  • Druid - Only one race for each faction can be Druids. It depends on the buyer’s preference whether they want a more tanky Bear Druid (Horde, Tauren) or a more stealthy Cat Druid (Alliance, Night Elf). Otherwise, they can just choose the faction they want.
  • Hunter - The best races are Night Elves and Dwarves for Alliance, Orcs, and Trolls for Horde. If looking for PvE encounters, Night Elf or Troll Hunters are best. Otherwise, it would be Dwarves or Orcs.
  • Mage - For Mages, there’s no race better than the Gnome. The Trolls and Undead are a close second, though the third is considered better for PvP.
  • Paladin - Humans shine in this class. While the Dwarves’ racial skills can have some use in PvP, their gun skills are pretty useless for this class. Horde players can now also play a Paladin with the Blood Elf race, which is the preferred race for this class.
  • Priest - Dwarves, Trolls, and Undead are the top picks. They all have good racial skills that work in both PvP and PvE, though the others have situational uses.
  • Rogue - Humans, Orcs, and Undead rise above other races for this class, even if the majority of them can take up this mantle.
  • Shaman - Trolls and Orcs will do better in this class than Taurens, though any of the three will work. The Draenei is the first race to be able to become a Shaman in the Alliance.
  • Warlock - Gnomes and Undead Warlocks fare better than Human or Orc ones. The latter two races have either limited or useless racial skills for this class.
  • Warrior - Humans and Taurens are the preferred picks for this class. Gnomes, Orcs, and Undead are the close secondary picks.

Sellers have to keep these combinations in mind when selling WoW TBC Classic accounts. These can improve their account’s saleability or generate more interest. While other race and class combinations might sell eventually, the ones listed above will almost always be in demand.

About Selling WoW TBC Classic Accounts

Sellers can choose to sell these kinds of accounts:

  • High-leveled account - an account with high character and gear levels. Perfect for raiding and other similar content.
  • Starter/Smurf accounts - may be low to mid-level, with subpar to okay gear.
  • Fresh Accounts - newly created accounts for buyers who want to start over with a blank slate.

Pricing these accounts depend on a few factors, such as:

  • Character Level
  • Items held
  • Gold held
  • Reputation
  • PvP Ranks
  • Whether realm transfer is available
  • Whether name changing is available

Of course, the higher or the more of these the account has, the more expensive it is. For items, prices rise even more if there are any rare/hard to obtain items in the inventory. This might include rare mounts or best-in-slot gear for the class of the character. Anyway, that would mean that high-leveled accounts can be quite expensive, while fresh ones stay relatively cheap.

Sellers can opt to sell their accounts for a variety of reasons. One example could be that they’re quitting, but still want their account to be of use. Another reason might be they have an alt they don’t want to use anymore. Whatever their reason, the best place to sell these on is a reliable trading platform.

Trading on a Reliable Marketplace

Here’s why sellers prefer a trustworthy online marketplace. First is the increased security. It guarantees payments and keeps nosy individuals from stealing important information. The second is the community. A large community means more possible buyers for a seller’s offer. Along with a reputation system, both sides can trust the other will follow through on the deal. Last is the freedom to price their offers. Bargain prices attract more buyers than premium ones, so this freedom is definitely good for sellers.

Sellers also have to be aware that there could be unintended consequences to trading accounts. Being aware lets them prepare or react accordingly, so they aren’t caught off-guard. They can find out about these consequences by reading the game’s policies concerning this kind of transaction. More information can be found on the trading platform’s rules. Otherwise, they may ask for the help of a legal professional.

At any rate, enjoy World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, and remember to keep in mind these tips

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