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About The Witcher Monster Slayer

The Witcher is a popular franchise spanning novels, games, and even series. The third game in the series gets the biggest honor as the best game in the franchise. It has earned its place as one of the best-selling video games of all time.

A Witcher is a monster hunter, exterminating the various monstrous inhabitants of the continent. They are enhanced beings capable of inhuman feats, from extraordinary strength to night vision and better senses. Since they are sterile, initiates are outsiders, trained while they are young.

In Monster Slayer, the player takes the role of an initiate on their final exam. Upon successfully clearing it, they go on to hunt various creatures of the Witcher universe. The game is set before the events of the main game series, so there’s an abundance of monsters to hunt.

It plays similar to Pokemon Go, where the app uses GPS data as the player moves in the real world. Monsters appear on the screen, and players have to move in the real world to get closer and initiate an encounter. To fight, they have to swipe to swing their sword and tap to parry/block (if held). They can also throw bombs, consume potions, and cast spells with signs.

As with the other games in the franchise, there will also be quests and NPCs to talk to. It’s a Witcher experience, right on a mobile phone.

About Selling Witcher Monster Slayer Accounts

That said, not everybody has the time to gather experience for leveling up their Witcher. However, they do want to experience the game, so the best option is for sellers to provide accounts to them. If sellers need a benchmark for pricing the account they want to sell, here are some factors to consider.

  • Account Level - It represents the overall progress made in the game. The higher the level, the more mechanics and features the account can have or use. Some buyers would prefer a high one, but others might prefer a mid-level one. Of course, higher-leveled accounts can be sold at higher prices.
  • Resources in Stock - This refers to anything farmable or gatherable for crafting bombs or brewing potions. Currency is also included here. These are the materials needed to upgrade and make the player character stronger.
  • Equipment Available - Higher levels mean stronger monsters, and stronger monsters need better weapons. Sure, this is also an indicator of progress, but an account can have its resources drained for upgraded equipment. The reverse can be true (no upgrades but with a stockpile of resources) as well.
  • Trophies and Other Collectibles - There will be buyers who put stock in the collectibles a game offers. Levels and strength are secondary to it. An account with a more complete collection can certainly fetch a higher price than one without.

Sellers should consider all of these and find a proper price for their offers. They may also check out other sellers’ offers to get a better idea.

The Best Place to Sell a The Witcher: Monster Slayer Account

Barring certain circumstances, it’s better to buy from a mall than a roadside stall. Sure, it’s more expensive, but mall shoppers can trust the establishment not to steal or scam them of their money. In online trading, an online marketplace can be that mall.

With tight virtual security, all participants in the transaction get what they should, nothing more, nothing less. No unrelated intruder can break through the security to steal anything either. It can also promote community, making sure there’s always a seller or a buyer of everything and anything on the market. Lastly, those that don’t ask for subscription fees give sellers the freedom to set their prices. That means things are cheaper in the marketplace than in other trading hubs.

Still, sellers should be careful and read up on the game’s policies and rules about this kind of transaction. The alternative is getting caught off-guard because they didn’t prepare themselves for accidents. To be better prepared, they can ask for legal counsel and read the marketplace’s policies. Being prepared even if the accident won’t happen is better than it happening when unprepared.

That’s all for selling Witcher: Monster Slayer accounts! Happy trading, and may your endeavors be fruitful, whether selling or playing the game.

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