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How Players Make Money Playing Wild Terra 2

One way in which players manage to make money playing Wild Terra 2 is by offering power leveling and boosting services to less talented gamers. A power leveling service is having the seller use the buyer’s account to level up.

At any rate, sellers often choose to offer more than just a vague ‘level up’ service. Here are some others that are commonly seen online:

  • Resource Gathering - Crafting in the game can be brutal. When failing more than succeeding, of course, the player would end up using more resources. Some sellers offer a service that gathers those resources for the buyer, which can be a blessing for them. All they do is pay and wait for the service to end, then they get all the resources they need. This may include gold or equipment and other consumables.
  • Skill Training - There are numerous skills to train in the game. Training each one will take time the buyer may not be able to spare. Sellers can help them out with this kind of service. Skills range from crafting or production skills to occupational and uncategorized ones.
  • Dominium Upkeep - Time doesn’t pause for players that logged off. If they don’t log in once in a while, their buildings can start to degrade and will eventually be destroyed. It’ll be like the land taking back what players thought was theirs. This kind of service can keep the account in tip-top shape until the owner can get back to it.
  • Customized - The buyer may want a combination of the above or have a specific task for the seller to do. Sellers have to indicate whether this is something the buyer can negotiate or not. For good quality of service, sellers need to be able to enjoy what they do, so communication with them would be important.

Where Do Power Levelers Sell Their Services?

There are many resources and platforms online that sellers take advantage off when selling power leveling and boosting services or looking for buyers.

One of these is through social media. However, they are unlikely to find success here for a number of reasons. It takes a lot more effort on the seller’s part to actively seek out potential buyers and persuade them to take up the offers. People on social media aren’t really open to trusting a complete stranger who has messaged them out of the blue either.

Another option is through forums. Sellers tend to have more luck here than on social media, but it’s still not perfect for them. While they are able to find buyers here more easily, there is still a level of trust needed between the buyer and seller as there is generally no deposit or escrow protecting the account while it is being leveled.

This is why sellers generally prefer selling on online marketplaces. While not every buyer is going to be willing to hand over their account to a stranger, some sites have systems in place to put the minds of both sides of the trade at ease. One method is a deposit system, whereby the power leveler submits a deposit for each order they take, which is given back to them once they have finished the service to ensure they do not decide to try stealing the account.

When looking for a marketplace, there are a few main factors that sellers are considering:

  • Security and Safety – All traders prefer to have encryption and safety measures in place and know that their information and details are safe.
  • A Community of Traders – Finding buyers is always the biggest concern for sellers, so trading on sites with large userbases is preferable for most of them as they are more likely to find buyers interested in their offers when selling to a larger pool of gamers.

Gamers considering getting involved with trading or providing services should read up on the game’s rules and policies before making a final decision. If they still need clarification or do not fully understand the rules, they should reach out to the developers with any questions they have.

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