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How Players Make Money Playing Warpath

Leveling up in Warpath can be tough in many aspects. For one, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Players will not only have to take care of their base, but they’ll also have to toughen up their troops and barracks if they want to be able to survive the onslaught that the game expects them to survive. It’s easy to get demolished in Warpath, especially since there are already many players that are extremely powerful and have a base that’s akin to Fort Knox. As a result, a lot of players out there look for power leveling services, creating a market for gamers who are particularly skilled at the game to sell their services and make money playing Warpath. It can be easy to get lost in the process of leveling up a Warpath account, so every gamer should be aware of the best and most efficient ways to level up their Warpath account.

Army and Barracks Leveling

After the player has constructed the Field Command Center, they can finally have access to the Barracks. In most strategy games, players will usually have to train an infinite number of troops so long as they have the resources for it. This is not the case for Warpath. Instead, each Barracks that’s been built will unlock a troop slot in their base. Players can then equip specific troops that they like to a Barracks slot. This will in turn produce troops that are relative to the level of the Barracks that they chose to slot the troops in. As a result, the power of the troops is dependent on the level of a player’s Barracks. Leveling the Barracks is essential for anyone that’s looking to have more than just a bunch of meat shields that are flailing around the map. If a player wants to have soldiers that actually do something, then they’ll have to do a bit of Barracks leveling.

Base Leveling

What is an army without a base fortified enough to keep them from being attacks by other armies? The base might not be much at first since it’s just an empty plot of land at the start, but with time and effort, players can turn that pile of turns into a fortress that’s capable of withstanding even the hardest of blows from enemy lines. Base-building in Warpath takes place directly on the map instead of using a separate menu akin to other strategy games. Leveling up the base is fairly easy to do. Players must construct buildings, raid other players, fight NPC units, and train their troops via the Barracks. As players progress more into the story, they’ll be able to unlock more features and in turn, construct more buildings than before. Getting access to new buildings and units is the key to having a better base in Warpath. Without them, players will essentially become stuck to a certain point in the game, unable to further progress into the campaign. Building structures is rather straightforward, so sellers need not worry about they’ll be constructing and aligning different buildings at certain points of the base. This is also the same case for upgrading. So long as the player completes the set of prerequisites and has all the resources that are needed for the upgrade beforehand, then they’ll easily be able to enhance/upgrade their buildings. Just keep in mind that the higher the level for the upgrades, the more resources will be needed for it.

Resource Farming

Resources are essential in Warpath if a player wants to make their base stronger. There are a couple of ways to earn them, but the easiest method so far is to simply produce them. This can be done through the Engineering Center which is a building that can easily be constructing in the early parts of the game. All players have to do is simply queue up the materials that they want to produce and presto, the process of manufacturing the resources for the base will begin. After a certain amount of time, they can then collect the materials and repeat the cycle again and again until they are satisfied. The production time for each material varies, but by upgrading the Engineering Center, players will be able to unlock more production slots and generate a lot more resources than usual.

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