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How Do Players Make Money Playing Warhammer: Odyssey?

Unlike the MMOs, Warhammer Odyssey has a leveling process that can be hard to wrap around someone’s head especially if they’re used to the other typical mobile MMOs. Most of the time, MMOs have a whole bunch of typical quests that players can undertake. These quests give out experience points that are needed to leveling up their character. What’s great about Warhammer Odyssey is that the quests are divided into several different categories. Quests that are marked with yellow icons are the main quests. Quests with blue icons, on the other hand, are known as side quests. These two types of quests are one-time gigs, for the most part. Meaning, if a player completes them, then they’re gone forever. Luckily, there’s another type of quest in Warhammer Odyssey that hopes to alleviate that problem: quests with red icons. These quests are unlike the ones that have been explained in detail beforehand as they are repeatable and thus have no limit. Players can do quests that have red icons attached to them as many times as they like.

With all of this information to take in, experienced players have managed to make money playing Warhammer: Odyssey by exchanging their knowledge with newer players in the form of power leveling services.

Leveling Guide for Warhammer Odyssey

The meat and potatoes of increasing one’s level are down to the killing and grinding of monsters. While quests may look like a viable option, more often than not they can get pretty boring especially if a player is doing the same quest over and over again. There are specific locations that are best to go for certain levels as well. For example, if a player is just starting (around level 10 to 15 at most), then it’s recommended that they go to the North Gate of Marienburg as there are enemies there that constantly respawn. Here are some more tips on how to level up as quickly as possible in Warhammer Odyssey:

  1. Have A Party of No More Than Six Players

    To be able to kill as many monsters as possible, it’s best to find a group that is after the same goal: to get more experience points. The group the player must be joining needs to have no more than six players. This is because if there are seven or more players that group up together, then the number of experience points that they’ll gain throughout the whole process will be diminished as a penalty. Going solo is fine, but killing monsters is an easier task when in a group.

  2. Find the Best Hotspots

    Besides fighting monsters that ought to be the same level or just a smidge higher than the player, it should be worth noting that everything can be done at a quicker pace when doing the slashing and bashing at a hotspot. Mobs are typically found all over the map, but some specific locations have condensed spots, meaning, a whole lot of mobs to kill. Mobs consist of a cluster of many monsters that have grouped up together. They’re often targetted by players since they’re the easiest prey to kill since they don’t need to chase one after another. When going to a hotspot, it’s best to have some AoE skills that can easily turn the mobs into ash in just a couple of shots.

  3. Gear Checking

    One of the many nuances in Warhammer Odyssey is that gears in the game break easily. If a player’s gear breaks, they’ll either deal no damage to the enemy or take a lot of damage themselves. Having faulty gear is a common occurrence in Warhammer Odyssey, and since the durability of a player’s items goes down after their every death, replacing gear after every three deaths or so is crucial for their survivability. Luckily, some blacksmiths can be found in most towns where players can just pay up to have the blacksmith make their new gear. The simplest way of not having the durability of the gear decrease is to not die, but then again, death is inevitable in an MMO, especially for those that haven’t fully grasped the combat of the game.

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