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The prospect of having to face hordes upon hordes of the undead can be daunting—especially when you’re all alone. And when you take into account that these walkers have their sights on people’s brains for their next meal, it’s quite easy to hit the panic button. That’s why we need YOU. That’s right. With your abilities and top-notch survival skills, you can level up other people’s Unturned accounts to help them with run-ins with even the nastiest of walkers!

How to Make Money Playing Unturned

To make money playing Unturned, simply follow these steps and you’re good to go:

  1. Create an account (or simply log in if you already have one)
  2. Shoot us an email over at [email protected]. Your credentials will then be reviewed.
  3. After Qualifying, you’ll need to make a deposit of $70 as a reserve fund.
  4. You may now start posting offers (note that you can only make one offer at a time).
  5. Once a buyer picks up your offer, you can proceed to do the agreed-upon leveling services. Return the account once finished so you can get paid and have the $70 reserve fund returned.

Some Leveling Jobs You Can Do

  • Supply Runs – Having ample supplies of all the bare necessities is crucial for survival. With your help, others won’t be short-handed.
  • Building Shelters – Players can’t survive for long without having veritable fortresses to call their own. Help others barricade themselves in before zombies can get them!
  • Farm Town Takeovers – Why build a shelter when you can just take one over? Farms make perfect fortresses as all the essentials are already there!
  • Skill Leveling – Much like most games, Unturned also has a leveling system. Grind it out for others to help boost their characters.

Here at PlayerAuctions, you can make use of your zombie-bashing survival skills to earn tons of cash! Don’t let others face the harsh post-apocalyptic world alone. It’s time to sign up and load up on your guns. Make an offer today!