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Make Money Playing Unison League

Help other players steamroll through quests and other storylines by offering your power leveling services for Unison League! Like any other RPG, it takes a lot of grinding before you actually get to the good parts of the game. Whether it’s playing together with the buyer or taking matters into your own hands, you can make money playing Unison League.

How Do I Become A Power Leveler?

To become a Power Leveler here in PlayerAuctions, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] saying that you want to become a Power Leveler.
  3. Once you qualify to become a Power Leveler, you will need to send $70 to our Power Leveling Reserve Fund in order for you to post an offer.
  4. Interested buyers may then pick your offer and you may do the boosting accordingly and return the account to the buyer when finished.
  5. Get paid once the buyer confirms to our system to send the payment to you. Your Reserve Fund will be returned to you as well. During this time, your offer post will automatically be deleted.

For more information on how to become a Power Leveler, go here.

Boosting in Unison League Made Easier

Most RPGs on mobile phones usually force players to play the game alone. However, Unison League is an exception. Originally launched in Japan, this mobile RPG by Ateam actually encourages players to play with their friends. By unleashing powerful attacks in a coordinated manner, you get to earn new weapons and gear that are even more powerful. Granted you can play the game entirely on your own, you’ll have a much easier time playing Unison League with friends.

With over five base classes and three extra classes to choose from, there’s no shortage when it comes to leveling up characters with different abilities that make them unique. Best of all, it’s fairly easy to change a character’s class later on using the “Class” tab on the menu. This is useful for power leveling since it gives you a chance to level up more efficiently. For example, the buyer’s character class in the game is the Mage class. If you’re used to being a Soldier, then you can simply change the class in the game and level up the buyer’s account using that specific class. Once the boosting is done, you can simply switch the character’s class back to Mage before you return the account to the buyer!

Tips on Leveling in Unison League

First of all, you have to know the difference between character leveling and gear leveling. Not all players are looking to level up just their character, sometimes they just need help with their gear!

Character leveling is pretty simple. You simply level up the character in the game by completing a quest or expedition-- that’s it! You just need to acquire the needed experience points to reach the next level. The higher the character level is, the harder it will be to level up since the EXP needed just keeps getting higher.

Gear leveling, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. Each piece of gear has a starting level and a maximum level it can attain. While it uses an EXP system that’s similar when leveling up a character, it requires you to use the process called Augmenting to level up your gear. Augmenting is a process wherein you’ll be combining your desired gear that you want to level up with other gear. This can be used with the extra gear that you don’t really use anymore. Any gear that’s used as a sacrificial lamb for the main gear you’re trying to level up can no longer be recovered. Note that each gear has a different level cap with regards to its rarity. The rarer the gear is, the higher the maximum level it can attain.

Another tip that we’d like to share is that the power of friendship is an important factor in making your power leveling experience all the better. What we mean by that is by making a ton of friends, you’ll get help and have a grander time leveling up. Teaming up with friends makes the burden of leveling much easier since they can join in on the quests that you have difficulty dealing with.

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