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Types of Toontown Rewritten Accounts to Sell

  • ‘High-Level’ - For lack of a better term, these are the accounts with maxed out Laff Meters, have level 7 gags, and are ready to take on anything. The account may or may not have a stockpile of beans as well. The most expensive kind of account sellers can offer.
  • Smurf - Some buyers want to go back to a ‘weaker’ time, or they may want to start with an advantage. This kind of account isn’t upgraded to the extent of the above type but has some upgrades so you don’t have to flail around in the start.
  • Fresh - A blank slate account, barely over the tutorial (and maybe not even past it). Sometimes it’s inevitable to regret a decision that needs a total reset to redo. These accounts help with that kind of problem.

Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule to selling Toontown Rewritten accounts. Sellers can use these as a guide to pricing their offers, as the more upgrades the account has, the more expensive it can be. For sellers, quitting isn’t the end of the account, as a buyer will give it new life.

How Sellers Find a Marketplace to Trade on

Sellers would do well to set up shop on a reliable trading platform. By doing so, they get increased security, access to a large trading community, and the freedom to price their offers. With all of these benefits, each transaction becomes a breeze. It also helps more buyers find a seller’s offers, which the latter can have trouble with when not using a platform.

Lastly, it’s important that sellers take some time to check the rules and conditions for the game they want to sell accounts for. They should also clarify anything they’re not sure about by asking the developers questions and reading our user agreement.

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