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Getting great at playing Traha Global? There are players out there that need your help! Offering a Powerleveling service can earn trusted providers easy money, and someone out there would pay for these services.

Why Traha Global is so Popular

Traha Global is a game that can be played on mobile and on PC where you would explore a vast open world that bases their game on a confrontation between two major factions. Players can create unique character builds with the unlimited class transaction system while going on adventures in the various regions and farm in raid dungeons.

Make Money Playing Traha Global

A high-skilled or experienced player helps other players through a Powerleveling service to get them either the best items in the game, level them up, or possibly significantly improve their character's stats. As a Power Leveler, it is up to sellers how much they will level up their clients' accounts. The game has multiple ways to play and create unique builds for the players' requests.

The Infinity class system is one of the most exciting aspects of Traha Global. The MMORPG is particular regarding skills and abilities as they are linked to their specific weapon types. Here is the list of weapons for your reference.

Weapons (With Class)

  • Greatsword: Relentless Killing Machine.
  • Shield: Powerful Tanking and Offense.
  • Scythe: Dark Magics and Sweeping Strikes.
  • Knuckles: Powerful Chi-Based Combos.
  • Dual Blades: Agile DPS.
  • Bow: Healing, Support, and DPS From Afar.
  • Staff: Powerful Spells and Support.
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