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The Secrets of How to Make Money Playing Total Battle

Warfare sits at the top of everything else when it comes to Total Battle. As players slowly upgrade their town structures and erect new buildings to further modernize their city, the demand for resources only grows bigger. This is a common detail in tactical games and Total Battle is no exception. Luckily, there are a few ways how Total Battle players can farm building materials. For starters, there are NPC enemies scattered around the world map. The enemies make for great resources to get some raw materials. Plus, there are also crypts that players can explore at their leisure. Crypts in Total Battle are similar to what other gamers might find in MMORPG titles where there are dungeons that a party or a solo player can go to to find some loot.

There are all sorts of methods available for leveling up in Total Battle. If players want to make their champions stronger, then they can opt to pay a visit to the arenas and use specific champions that they want to become stronger. Simply put, arenas are a great way to level up a champion while getting a bunch of extra materials as a bonus.

When it comes to upgrading or leveling up a certain structure in their city, the process is relatively straightforward. All players have to do is get all of the building materials that they need and presto, they’ve fortified a part of their town! There are some gathering points all around the world map where players can then send their army to collect and bring back the all-important materials to their town.

Total Battle Leveling Guide

The world map plays a vital role in Total Battle in comparison to other games of the same genre. Most of the time, players are forced to spend a ludicrous amount of time trying to transform their town or city into a perfect paradise, but it’s time to break that habit in the case of Total Battle. The real gameplay lies within the vast open world where one must seek out the riches of the land. After all, a player in Total Battle won’t be able to progress through the game if they don’t do a bit of exploring here and there. To speed up the process, they first must know the secrets on how to level up as quickly as possible in Total Battle.

  1. Doing Story Missions

    Unless the buyer has strictly forbidden the seller from touching the story missions in Total Battle, it’s their best bet of garnering as many resources as they can during the leveling process. The tasks and quests for the campaign in Total Battle are fairly quick and easy to accomplish. The resources that are given as a reward for every completion is a nice bonus as well. Truthfully, there’s no actual story in Total Battle as the narrative is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. But at the very least, having a bit of a background as to how everything came to be in a player’s city provides a bit of entertainment.

  2. Use A Novice Boost

    24-hour Boosts or commonly known as Novice Boosts are extremely helpful in terms of speeding up the initial process of leveling up. These are typically given to players after they finish a couple of the first few missions in the tutorial. The Novice Boost is a powerful buff that makes the armies march faster and, more importantly, reduces a player’s revival cost. In Total Battle, players have the option to revive some of their soldiers or army should they not have enough resources to make a new army. However, the catch is that reviving the soldiers can also be costly, especially when a player plans to revive them in bulk. Having a Novice Boost gives them a discount for some time, making it a handy item to always have.

    The Novice Boost is a boon that’s a massive asset to anyone’s town, or at least for 24 hours, that is. Should a player choose to activate it, then they have to make sure to make the most out of it while it lasts. The item also activates their Watchtower and even allows them to speed up any construction project that they choose for free. Typically, players would have to wait for a while before the construction is complete. This can take from a couple of minutes to hours, depending on how large the upgrade or establishment is. Should they not have a Novice Boost, then they’ll either have to suck it up and wait or pay using Total Battle’s premium currency to hasten the process.

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