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About Selling Total Battle Account

Sellers can have a variety of reasons for selling Total Battle accounts. From quitting to wanting the cash, they all have to go through the process of deciding how much to ask for the account. Here are some tips to keep in mind, as well as to increase the profits they can make.

First, high-leveled accounts are more expensive. It’s common sense. There’s more time and effort invested into the account, meaning it’s more valuable than a fresh one. The saying goes ‘time is money’, and in this situation, this rings true.

Second, features and resources available can increase value. Total Battle has something called a Novice Boost. It speeds up certain aspects of the game, letting players enjoy a period of increased productivity. Having this available for fresh accounts can greatly add to an account’s price.

Other similar resources or features are those that speed up specific processes or provide some kind of boost. These items or features increase the account’s value as long as they’re available. Unfortunately, they often have expiry dates, so they either have to be sold off immediately or used to make mid-level accounts.

It also can’t be understated that having a stockpile of gold and other upgrade materials means a more expensive account. That makes it convenient for the buyer to upgrade and strengthen their base and troops. They don’t have to gather the materials themselves, after all.

Third, mighty armies and fortified bases provide military might for the buyer, letting them join battles as they wish. Like the previous point, having these available lets the buyer skip the grind of upgrading it themselves.

So keep in mind all of these, sellers, and let the profits flow. 

Other Useful Information

Of course, different buyers want different things, so sellers have to know their customers. Some would want a blank slate to start over with, others just want an advantage, and the rest could want superior, dominating accounts. Then again, sellers could just choose to sell what they want.

Choosing to sell Total Battle accounts on an online marketplace also helps. The platform can provide security, a pool of potential customers, and the chance for increasing profits. Online marketplaces are a safe space to trade with others, without fear. However, even the safest places can still be a site of an accident. To prepare for any unexpected consequence, sellers may read up on the game’s policies about these transactions.

And that’s all for selling Total Battle accounts. Enjoy trading, and have fun playing Total Battle and leveling up accounts!

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