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What Exactly is Top War?

Developed by Topwar Studio, Top War: Battle Game is an MMORTS, which means that every move that a player makes will happen immediately. The ultimate goal for every player in Top War: Battle Game is to upgrade their buildings and troops to make the game more fast-paced. The game starts rather sluggish and slow at first since this is the time where players only have the bare minimum, but as they progress and they unlock more bases and items that can be used, the land that they’re taking care of will slowly improve.

How Gamers Make Money Playing Top War: Battle Game

Every seller’s goal is to profit. For power leveling-related services, they might maximize their profits by offering their time and energy into dedicating themselves to leveling and gaining experience points for their buyer’s Top War account. After all, the ultimate goal of every online game is to reach the maximum level or at the very least, get stronger than before. Leveling up is a process that can be seen as tedious in most cases. This goes especially for free-to-play online mobile games that take advantage of their players by offering microtransactions to speed up the process. While that isn’t the case with Top War, it’s understandable for players to feel like it can be a chore at times despite being required.

There are many advantages that traders see when it comes to leveling up in Top War: Battle Game. For one, players will be able to research more available technologies that can be used to unlock higher-tier troops. These troops are much more powerful and pack a punch when compared to the run-off-the-mill troops that players get during the beginning parts of the game. What’s more, having a higher level means that players will be able to upgrade their buildings. Granted they’ll need to find the resources that are needed for it first, upgraded buildings are not only a sign of progress, but these buildings offer better services that will help players immensely in their goal of having one of the best bases in the game. For all these reasons, sellers are able to find buyers and make money playing Top War.

How to Get Max Level Easily

There are three types of research that every player must take note of. These are the Navy Force Combination, Land Force Combination, and Air Force Combination. The Navy Force Combination is the equivalent of the Navy Forces. By maxing out the Navy Force Combination, players get to have the strongest Navy Forces, soldiers. The Navy troops are water-types. Meanwhile, the Land Force Combination is correlated to the Land Forces which are land-type troops. Players that max out the level of their Land Force Combination will be able to have the toughest foot soldiers around. Finally, the Air Force Combination is in charge of the Air Force which consists of air-type troops. Reaching the max level cap for the Air Force Combination means that players will get to have an aerial advantage over their opponents.

Another way to hit the max level in Top War relatively easily is by upgrading the War Room itself. The War Room is where every player in the game does their thinking best. That’s because this is the place that players go to upgrade their base. By improving their War Room, they’ll be able to expand the number of upgrades that can be done in everything else. Plus, players get to earn experience points while doing it, so it’s a win-win situation.

Don’t Attack Other Players

When doing a boosting service, sellers usually keep in mind not to attack or provoke other players in the game--at least, until they have a higher level than them. It’s easy to be blinded by the rewards and spoils that they may potentially get should they get a victory, but buyers might find themselves in a rut in the future due to the conflict that the sellers have initiated during their time of boosting. Nothing is worse than better blacklisted by an entire alliance.

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