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Is there any incentive for certain players to ask others to farm or pilot their Sims 4 Playthrough on their behalf? The answer is yes. As a result, those interested in earning money while playing might decide to sell The Sims 4 boosting and farming services to meet the demand of other gamers.

How Does a Gamer Make Money Playing Sims 4?

Like what’s already been mentioned, the biggest reason players sell The Sims 4 Boosting Services is because they are able to find other players demanding such services. The Sims 4 is a fun game for those that are into the genre, so it should be no surprise that lots of players are more than willing to take up that particular task.

This, however, is not all fun and games. Because there are certain goals that players have to reach, they can’t play the game however they like. Instead, they have to play in such a way to meet parameters that were either promised or asked of them buy their clients. 

Players can either boost a Sims 4 Steam Account, an Origin Account, or a Steam Account linked to an Origin Account. As long as the player has a high-speed internet connection and enough disk space, there should be no problem for them to start being a Power Leveler. 

Power Leveling a playthrough from a pirated and cracked copy, on the other hand, is possible but difficult and definitely not recommended. Aside from the fact that piracy is a no-no, as it’s known to compromise systems, there will be file transfers involved in such a process. Doing so can infect the Power Leveler’s PC, so it’s not unlikely for them to refuse such a request. 

The services players can provide in Sims 4 are Traits and Career Boosting, and Simoleon Farming (more on that later). These are for players that don’t want to use cheats. Because while there are no real consequences to using cheats, the game becomes boring really quickly, and achievements do not get unlocked when cheats are used. That doesn’t mean the achievement becomes locked forever. Rather, the achievement simply won’t be unlocked, so the player will have to unlock it the honest way next time. 

Sims 4 Skills/Traits Boosting and Simoleons Farming

As previously mentioned, there are two services Sims 4 Power Levelers usually provide: Sims 4 Skills and Traits Boosting and Sims 4 Simoleons Farming. For the former, Sims have many skills that grow through constant practice. It is then the Sims 4 Booster to further improve certain skills and traits, especially those that lead to better careers, personalities, and relationships.

Another is Sims 4 Simoleons Farming. This is somehow linked to the former, as the former is necessary in order for the Sims to have more money the good-old fashioned way: careers. 

There are, however, other ways to make money in Sims 4. Examples include opening a business, fishing, gardening, recording original songs, and many others. The only catch is that many of them are locked behind DLCs, so it’s important for the player paying for the service to have the related DLCs. 

How Price and Terms for Sims Boosting Services Are Set

The price and terms of Sims 4 Boosting Services depend on the Seller. While they can set any price regardless of their terms, most agree that it is fairer if they base it on how much the traits and/or skills will improve or how much Simoleons will be earned within a given period of time. The higher or shorter the time is needed for it, the fairer it is for the Power Leveler to charge a higher price.

At the same time, the person receiving the service can negotiate the terms, which in turn will affect the price. They can request for more Simoleons, better traits and/or skills, and for the service to be done at a shorter time for a higher price, or for lesser traits/skills improvement, less Simoleons, and longer times for a lower price.

Before getting involved in trading of any kind, potential sellers should first read up on the terms and policies for the game that they wish to provide services for. If they have further questions, they can read our user agreement, or contact the game developers with any questions. This allows them to make an informed decision when they decide to start trading online.

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