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Sell The Quinfall Items 

The meat of The Quinfall’s combat system can be found in the equipment and the abilities imprinted in them. Each weapon is capable of passively buffing a class's skills, providing lots of in-depth build-crafting options for creative players. Since weapons are rolled randomly, some players may not be so lucky. Players that want the best items can buy high-quality weapons with the right stats and passives that accentuate their builds.  

Where To Get The Best Weapons 

Players can complete daily and weekly quests to receive decent equipment. The Quinfall has a daily tower dungeon, with each floor providing new challenges for the player. Every floor has 3 waves of monsters and a boss to challenge. As the player ascends, the floors get progressively more difficult while scaling to the player’s item level. Each floor cleared will provide the player with better gear, resources, and rare items. Sellers may also utilize the Rifts, which occur out in the open world. Monsters will fall out of the sky in a region, and players must collaborate to clear out incoming waves. This is also a highly rewarding activity with its own items and resources to chase. 

For PvP, Quinfall's Hourly Arenas are dynamic combat events that offer excitement and the desire for victory to players of all levels. Occurring at specific times of the day, these arenas see players of different levels battling against each other. Hourly battles will occur in five different brackets where players are grouped based on their levels: 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50. These groupings allow gamers to compete against opponents of similar levels, making matchups fair and equal. 

 Each arena features different game modes such as capture the flag, tower capture, area control, and most kills. Hourly battles automatically begin at specific times during the day. This ensures that players can regularly participate in events and experience the thrill of battle. Triumphant players savor the taste of victory and earn special rewards, keeping them engaged in continuous competition. The arenas are the ultimate testing ground for the best builds and for players to truly master their skills.  

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