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How Sellers Make Money Playing The Crew 2

With all that in mind, there are a few kinds of power leveling services sellers can provide.

  • Status Increase - The most basic power leveling service. Sellers will do races and increase follower count to a certain status or Icon rank. A higher Status unlocks more features and mechanics to play with, so this kind of service will always be in demand.
  • Parts Farming - Having higher-rated or better rarity parts is better for the vehicles. Sellers can farm for epic or even legendary ones or just ones with good affixes. Buyers get vehicles with better performance, which lets them go straight to racing more.
  • Bucks Farming - A stockpile of money is always good to have on hand. Buying new vehicles can be expensive, and there’s always more to buy and collect.
  • Races/Challenges - The buyer may have some difficulty completing a certain race or challenge. Power leveling service sellers can offer to do those for the buyer, so the latter can get the rewards.
  • Customized - There might be something the buyer wants that isn’t included, or they want a combination of the above. Sellers should indicate whether they agree to this kind of negotiation.

That last point is an important warning to sellers. If they aren’t willing to do the service, it can result in poor quality of service. When that happens, later buyers will be hesitant to take the service. That can start a chain reaction of lower and lower sales until hardly any buyers would take their service.

It’s only the worst-case scenario, and sellers could pull up their reputation after a slump. However they need to prevent it from happening at all, so they have to watch out for that.

Selling The Crew 2 Power leveling Services

When a trader first decides that they would like to sell power leveling services, the first thing that they need to do is find buyers. This is done in a number of ways. Contacting and searching for players who could potentially buy services can be done through social media, but is extremely time consuming and doesn’t inspire a lot of trust from would-be customers. Payment isn’t safe using this method either. The same problems apply to finding buyers through forums too, though forums might be a smidge easier than social media.

Sellers think that the easiest way to sell power leveling services is to list them on a player-to-player trading platform with security measures and a large userbase. This allows them to safely provide their services to customers, who they can find easily by creating an offer and then waiting. They might have to negotiate more specific offers with buyers, but that’s all part and parcel of being an online trader.

Before providing power leveling services, sellers should read the terms and conditions for the game they wish to provide services for, reaching out to the developers for clarification if required.

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