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What Traders Note When They Sell The Crew 2 Accounts

All sellers want to earn what’s fair for their accounts. Here are the most influential characteristics of a The Crew 2 account:

  • Status - Of course, this is one of the first things a buyer would look at. The Status of an account speaks of how much time and effort the seller had poured into it. The higher it is, the more valuable the account is. That is why ranking up the Icon status is important. An Icon 1 account would be much cheaper than an Icon 200 account, for example.
  • Vehicle Performance Levels - Fully upgraded vehicles optimized for whatever race they need to run would increase the value of an account. It saves time for the buyer to find the perfect gear for their vehicles and lets them jump straight into racing.
  • Vehicles Collected - For any buyer interested in collecting all the cars, planes, and alternate transportation methods, this kind of account would be worth much to them. Especially if there’s one with limited availability or one that’s hard to obtain.
  • Bucks on Hand - The in-game currency can’t be overlooked! Having a stockpile of bucks for the buyer can increase the account’s value. They don’t have to grind for them with savings accumulated already, so they can get to having fun racing. Having Bucks on hand would be handy in emergencies anyway.
  • Credits on Hand - This is the microtransaction currency. Having these in the account does increase its value as well, as it could be an alternative to bucks. The seller has to make up for the money spent to get these credits if they spent any. However, there are ways to get them for free, such as exchanging Ubisoft Points or ranking up the Icon status and other achievements.

With these account characteristics in mind, sellers can set an appropriate price for their accounts. The buyers may want to haggle, so sellers have to indicate if negotiations are open or not.

Finding a Reliable Online Marketplace to Sell The Crew 2 Accounts

Online sellers recommend selling on trustworthy online marketplaces. That’s because they provide security, a large trading community, and freedom to price their offers. The first is a must so sellers get their payment safely. The second is for a steady stream of customers for offers. Lastly, the third is for being able to sell really easily and quickly, as there are so many potential buyers browsing through offers.

Sellers should make sure they have read the terms and conditions for the game before they attempt to sell an account. If they are unsure, they can contact the developers of the game with any further questions they have.

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