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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Are you a veteran Tera player with plenty of items? Are you looking fora great platform to sell them and make some quick money? Then sign up with PlayerAuctions!

We have been serving the MMO community since 2000 with our trusted platform. Our unrivalled security practices, heavy commitment to trade transparency, and expert customer service has earned us a reputation as being the world’s safest player-to-player trading marketplace.

Engage in Stress-Free Trading From the Comfort of your Home

With us, you enjoy a simple trading online experience from the comfort of your home. When we say stress-free, we mean it! Here’s how we make it work:

1. 100% Protection Against Fraud and Payment Security Measures

When you sell Tera Items with PlayerAuctions, you don’t have to worry about recovering your payment from the buyer. We guarantee the payment. The buyer first makes the payment into an escrow account before the items are delivered. This way you can be sure that, when the transactions is completed, the money will be made freely available.

2. Proven Security Technology Systems

PlayerGuardian stands at the heart of the PlayerAuctions philosophy. It is our proprietary and powerful security technology. This technology provides unrivalled protection to sellers against potential frauds and chargebacks. When you sell Tera US items, the payment from the buyer is secured in PlayerGuardian. Upon item delivery, we disburse the payment to you.

PlayerGuardian technology is based on the security procedures and systems at Itemmania in Korea - our umbrella company - and enhanced to meet the security needs of international buyers. This technology is proven on Itemmania through successful completion of over 30 million trades. Trading with us is secure, safe, and absolutely worry-free!

3. You Will Gain Access to Over 150 Million MMO Players

With PlayerAuctions, you don’t have to worry about finding the buyers. When you register with us to sell Tera US items, you get access to over 150 million MMO players. Simply put, with us, you don't have to trawl the web in order to find people to buy your items. We do that for you. And furthermore, we ensure that our trading members get given feedback so you can gage who you are dealing with before you trade with them. Good service is ultimately rewarded and the less reputable sellers and buyers are weeded out.

To Trade Stress Free, Sell Your Tera Items with PlayerAuctions

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