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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is Ubisoft’s latest entry in their long-running series of shooting games. With the multiplayer online shooter taking all of the villains from the past Tom Clancy games, players can make them face off against each other in a team battle that’s sure to be an action-packed, thrilling scenario.

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XDefiant has been described by many critics as a fast-paced shooter with elements of Overwatch and Call of Duty. Given that the arena shooter will be plucking out characters from various Ubisoft titles such as Ghost Recon, The Division, and Splinter Cell, it’s sure to provide a hectic yet competitive environment that FPS players love.

Since Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is set to be a class-based multiplayer shooter, there are a bunch of playable factions that are present across the Tom Clancy universe. Players can pick and choose the faction they want to belong to before the start of each match. At the very least, this means that they won’t be entirely stuck with just one afaction should they decide to transition over to another one. According to Ubisoft, the customizable character classes are inspired by maverick groups that used to be part of several Tom Clancy games. Sellers can use this to their advantage since they can just choose which faction they prefer or excel at. This can speed up the leveling process and, in turn, enables them to make more dough than ever while playing Tom Clancy’s XDefiant.

Knowing the Factions

As one can expect from an arena shooter, players can deploy a whole suite of gadgets and abilities. These can depend on a player’s position and character on the battlefield. There are four factions to choose from in Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. So far, no news or statements from Ubisoft have confirmed that there could potentially be more factions coming into the game. However, they assured their community that they would support XDefiant for years to come.

  • Cleaners - The Cleaners are known as the Assault class. Inspired by The Division universe, Cleaners are a collection of unified sanitation forces. One might think of them as janitors in that regard, but they instead purify everything by fire, not water. When the virus ravaged New York City, the Cleaners were the folks that eradicated it through the use of flames aplenty. Those that want to be part of the Cleaners faction can expect to have access to some sort of ability or weapon that can deal fire damage.
  • Wolves - Simply put, the Wolves are a Tank-based faction that’s inspired by Ghost Recon Breakpoint. A group that used to be under the command of Ghost Team leader Cole Walker, the Wolves are a group of ex-Ghosts that rallied under his leadership. In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, enemy Wolves can use all kinds of quirky devices and military gadgets including demo packs and flashbangs.
  • Echelon - The Echelon is a Support class that’s inspired by Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. The Echelon faction spearheaded the introduction of the Splinter Cell division where players first met the operative Sam Fisher, the protagonist of the series. During the gameplay showcase, fans were able to spot a character that had an Echelon symbol using an active camo ability. The highlight also showed when the same character used a pair of goggles to reveal the positions of the enemies through walls.
  • Outcasts - The Outcasts can also be regarded as the Healer faction. First introduced in The Division 2, Outcasts are known as a group of survivors that hailed from the Roosevelt Island quarantine zone. Folks from this faction can throw a device that’s similar to the Hive ability from The Division games where an AoE can hurt enemies while healing allies within the vicinity of it at the same time.

Cross-Play Makes Things Easier

Tom Clancys XDefiant boosting has just been made easier thanks to cross-play. With the game set to release for the PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X/S, PC, and cloud gaming services (Google Stadia and Amazon Luna), XDefiant will allow full cross-play capabilities across all of the platforms that it’ll be released on. Cross-play has become a prerequisite for online games over the years, and while there are still some that are hesitant about it due to possibly having lower quality matches (PC players versus console players for example), there’s no doubt that the benefits are too noticeable not to notice. Competitive shooting games, for example, get to have a more consistent gameplay experience and faster matchmaking by being able to merge player populations across all the gaming platforms.

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