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As Ubisoft has promised that there will be more Defiants coming soon as Tom Clancy’s XDefiant evolves, players can expect the title to follow a similar nature that other free-to-play games also impose. Plus, no doubt there would be offers of cosmetic items and a Battle Pass for the Tom Clancy title in the future.

Why Gamers Sell XDefiant Accounts for Loadout Customizations

One of the most important things in XDefiant is that there are a variety of characters and abilities that have been plucked out of the Tom Clancy universe. Since the free-to-play title is set to be a bit of a crossover between Ubisoft’s other Tom Clancy franchises, there will be an initial set of factions available right off the bat. According to Ubisoft, new Defiants and factions will be added to the game later. Besides that though, an underrated aspect that people often overlook when it comes to getting Tom Clancy’s XDefiant accounts is how important loadout customizations are.

In Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, players have the liberty to customize their Defiant’s loadout. These include weapons, secondary weapons, devices, and attachments. Sometimes things can take a turn in a match - that’s when the usefulness of the loadout customization comes in. Players will be able to modify their setup when respawning to help them adjust to unexpected predicaments. For example, if a player were to have a sniper rifle before being downed by an opposing player, they would have the chance to mix things up by equipping an assault rifle instead should they want to fight in mid-ranged quarters.

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