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Much like in other MMORPGs, there are ways to make money in Swords and Legends – real-life money – by playing the game. One of those is to sell Swords of Legends items, and it is helpful to other players. Of course, this endeavor will be more helpful to the sellers, as they will profit from it, and rightfully so.

Why Do Players Sell Swords of Legends Items?

While Swords of Legends is heavily steeped in Wuxia and its action-oriented combat reflect this fact, it is undeniable that gear plays a huge role in the game. Between two players that are evenly matched, the one with better gear is the one more likely to win. The same is true with PVE, or perhaps even truer, as it requires less skill compared to PVP and more gear-heavy.

It should go without saying that the Swords and Legends will have PVE gear in spades. At the same time, however, many of them, especially the ones with higher levels, are difficult to obtain. Usually, they would require crafting or have very low chances of dropping. Players can buy from other players in-game using in-game currency, but at the same time, currency can take time to farm as well.

It also does not help there are over 15 pieces of gear, and that there is a different gear set for both PVE and PVP. This separation can be seen as a good thing by PVP-focused players because they won’t be outclassed. At the same time, there is a drawback to this: players good at PVP combat will not be able to gain good gear from PVP and use it in PVE.

This is where players that sell Swords of Legends items step in. By putting up offers for real-life money, they will be able to easily make customers out of players that want and need quality gear but do not have the time for them. Another thing sellers can take advantage of is the need for items to be upgraded using seal stones. The higher the level of the item, the higher the level of seal stones is needed, which means the harder they are to obtain. Sellers can then offer already upgraded items, allowing them to turn a profit and players to cut the tedious upgrading process.

Apart from combat items, the game also gives much importance on housing items. Players that have reached the endgame and have flying mounts will be able to reach and obtain a flying island, which they can build a house on and furnish however they please. Likewise, sellers should be able to see an opportunity out of this and sell crafting materials, crated items, and furnishings, as they would be very popular among players that also care about the social and status symbol-related aspect of the game

How Much are Swords and Legends Items Sold For?

Sellers are able to set any price that they want when they create an offer to sell Swords and Legends items. Nevertheless, they generally try to ensure that prices are kept within a reasonable range, close to their actual value, in order to suit both sides of the trade well. This ensures that they are able to find buyers willing to pay for their offers.

The actual value of these items is determined by a number of factors. For combat-related gear, the rarer, more competitive, the higher the level, and the more upgrades they have, the higher its value will be. As for furnishings, it depends on what is rare and what is popular.

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